Let’s Go To The Videotape!

You might want to get some popcorn. Here are the highlights from our wedding video:   by Adam at Inspire Video. And I would marry Neil every day.  


What I Really Meant To Say

'Are you going make a speech?' Neil asked me, before and during the wedding. 'I'll do one if you forget anything in yours,' I said. 'I won't. But you should say something, anyway. I don't want a sexist weddingslashmarriage.' 'Reason a billion and 31 why I love you.' Anyway. During his speech, my Dad told … Continue reading What I Really Meant To Say

This Bride Really Did Cut The Cake

This was our wedding cake:   This was me actually cutting the cake.  With my concentration face on.  Apparently:   My thoughts went like this:  Are we actually s'posed to cut it?  Is this freaking marzipan?  I hate marzipan.  I specifically told the cake people 'no marzipan.'  Oh, well.  The mint chocolate layer will make … Continue reading This Bride Really Did Cut The Cake

Are We There Yet?

Growing up, there was a church down the street from the house where my heart lived. Grandma and I would pass the church on the way to spend my allowance on baseball cards, Cherry Coke bubble-gum and Wintergreen Tic-Tics. Most Saturdays, there was a wedding at the church and Grandma and I would try and … Continue reading Are We There Yet?

Yes, I’m The Bride. Who Are You?

I have a confession to make.  I have not been planning/dreaming of my wedding since I was six years old.  There are no scrapbooks, files, dog-eared wedding magazines from the ‘80’s.  The first and only time I made any kind of short-lived scrapbook, I glued my fingers together.  True story. Two and a half years … Continue reading Yes, I’m The Bride. Who Are You?