A Love Letter To Pepto-Bismol

Dearest Pepto, Thank you. You're lovely. We first met when I barfed at the very top of a moving Ferris wheel. I lost a friend and corn-dog that night. But you were there, in all your pink splendour. I don't like pink as a colour, but I can certainly drink it. Fast-forward to yesterday. All … Continue reading A Love Letter To Pepto-Bismol


Wedding-Planning Is An Endurance Test

Just when you think you've gotten through your to-do list, there's another list. And damn if there isn't more to do on it. People say that marriage is a marathon and not a sprint. I believe that. I've also started to think of wedding-panning as a test of endurance. To get you ready for the … Continue reading Wedding-Planning Is An Endurance Test

My Inner-Child Needs A Paper Bag

Picture it: Levittown, 1980-every-summer. A young girl is watching the sun sink lower in the sky and waiting for someone to take her to the carnival down the block. Her grandparents and her father have probably drawn straws. Who gets to hold her hair back this time? Because she's gonna barf. But she's too excited … Continue reading My Inner-Child Needs A Paper Bag

Thinking Outside The Shoes

And so, I've kinda spent all day looking for wedding shoes. It's no secret that my original 'bridal vision' involved Doc Martens. I got one of those visions after I figured out what exactly a bridal vision was, and I'm still not really sure. Anyway, wedding Docs. Problem is, I don't really like white. Or … Continue reading Thinking Outside The Shoes

Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward (Planning)

For Christmas, Dad bought me a copy of The Ultimate Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook.  Because that's the kinda guy he is.  I think it was a joint present. 'You can skip the bits on dating and breaking up.  I have, however, highlighted the section on BABIES!' he said. Since then, the book has sat on … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward (Planning)

It’s The Little Things

Some of you may remember I have a thing for beautiful and nostalgic short films. This is my new favourite: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=aTLySbGoMX0 Imagine emails and 2,853 text messages flying around and you've got the first 5 months of Sarge and me. Complete with trains and shyness. And now I want paper airplanes at the wedding! What … Continue reading It’s The Little Things