My Fall TBR Pile

I get excited when The Broke and The Bookish have Top Ten Tuesdays where I can actually list ten books.  Well, I can usually list a hundred books, but y'know. This week's list is your Fall TBR.  And I have books for that.  Of course I do. The books I plan to read this fall … Continue reading My Fall TBR Pile


6 Book Boxes With International Shipping

I love mail that isn't bills.  And bookmail is THE BEST.  I look for book subscription services that ship to the UK almost every month. I even wrote to Book of the Month, asking when they were going to offer international shipping.  I got a very nice, very general non-response. With the help of some … Continue reading 6 Book Boxes With International Shipping

3 Books, 3 Blogs With An Historian About Town

Today we have another 3 Books, 3 Blogs. I was supposed to share this while we were in New York.  Pretend it's a long weekend, wherever you are! Hello, everyone! Although your normal lovely host is Lorna, today I’m jumping in to share three of my favourite books and three of my favourite blogs. I … Continue reading 3 Books, 3 Blogs With An Historian About Town

Books & Blog Notes

I've spent most of the weekend in Starwars yoga pants and a green Team Awesome t-shirt.  Popcorn was consumed in vast quantities. Last weekend we set Isla up in a 'big kid bed' which matches 'big kid school'.  This is a good thing.  Bed time stories happen in her room now.  She falls asleep in … Continue reading Books & Blog Notes