Magic Coffee

What do you see in the coffee swirls?


How To Have A Really Bad Cold

I've never been a good stuffed up person.  I've never liked taking naps, ask my parents.  The last time I slept during the during the day, I'd had all my wisdom teeth out the day before. Last week, my body was gearing up for my annual cold, and this week it has lashed out. While … Continue reading How To Have A Really Bad Cold

My Life As A Desk

On my desk today, you'll find: Coffee.  Today's blend is Columbian Supremo. 2 of 501 pens in the house at any given time. My perfume.  I'm still working on the same bottle I bought two years ago.  I collect perfume.  I either have too much or not enough, considering bottles last two years. An eyeglass … Continue reading My Life As A Desk

Hello, My Name Is Lorna. I Have Piles.

I have a confession to make.  I have piles.  Giant piles.  Really annoying piles.  There’s one in the kitchen, one in the bedroom, and several in the office. I spent a good part of last week organising the flat, and this task has spilled into this week.  Because I rewarded myself with an eyebrow wax … Continue reading Hello, My Name Is Lorna. I Have Piles.

What Does Love Sound Like To You?

This is what it sounds like to me: 1.       The laughter of people I love, especially when I make it happen. 2.       Popcorn popping. 3.       The noises the coffee machine makes while doing its thing.  I happen to think it sounds exactly like a zombie dying.  Not that I’d know exactly what that sounds like. … Continue reading What Does Love Sound Like To You?

In Your Ear (Mine, Actually)

Before I decided I couldn’t write with music on, it was on all the time.  My library, when it loads, is one my list of favourite things.  I’d turn it on before I’d do anything else/procrastinate/check my email/apply for jobs/check Facebook/think about writing. That was my old routine. My new one is to have … Continue reading In Your Ear (Mine, Actually)