Not So Random Connections

One of the things I love about blogging, maybe the first thing I love about blogging, are the connections we make with the people behind the blogs. I love the randomness, the silly and the serious, the excuses to connect.  I'm answering these random questions because Becca and Gloria wanted to know my answers to … Continue reading Not So Random Connections


Where Everybody Knows Your Name?

Hello! Picture it: A relaxed but working writer on her laptop in a coffeeshop.  Sipping coffee and eating a complicated but delicious sandwich.  Inspired by the coffee shop music of various conversations punctuated by random laughter and maybe some tears.  Inspired by her coffee and her complicated but delicious sandwich. Setting the scene out the … Continue reading Where Everybody Knows Your Name?

These Are The Hands

Yesterday was our wedding anniversary.  If you've been following along you may know that Neil wasn't actually home for it, but he's back today.  And the house is happy again. Now.  I'm quite fond of complaining saying my husband is decidedly unromantic. Today, this happened. 12.30ish. 'Mumma, what are you doing?' 'I'm calling your father.  And … Continue reading These Are The Hands

This Is How They Get You

OK, so this actually just happened. Isla:  I love you.  And your wheelchair.  You're my wheelchair Mummy.  I don't want another Mummy.  Mummy, are you sad? Me: No. Isla:  Why you crying? Me: Because I'm happy. Isla: What? Me: Because I'm happy. Isla: What? Me: Because I love you very much. Isla: Yeah, I love … Continue reading This Is How They Get You