Book Buying And Other Existential Crises

It would be more than safe to say that I like books.  I love books.  I greatly esteem books.  Sarge says I eat them. I buy clothes when I need them, or every three years, whichever rolls around first.  I buy or trade books once a week.  And then I go to the library. A … Continue reading Book Buying And Other Existential Crises


Shopping On My Shelves

Last April, I condensed my list of Things To Do Before I'm 30 into 29 Resulotions. Number 10a and 10b on that 16 item list goes something like this: Read all the books I've left unread/people have thrown at me. Not buy another book for myself until the above item is checked off. (Except The … Continue reading Shopping On My Shelves

100 Books Or Bust: Double Digits

As of this morning, I finished my 11th book of the year.  I'm trying to vary lengths so I don't 'cheat' with short books only. So far, I've read: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - in two days, on an island. The Lacuna - in a little more than two days, back to … Continue reading 100 Books Or Bust: Double Digits

Back-seat Baking: Cider Doughnuts

There is Christmas shopping to be done, but I didn’t want to go out on Saturday.  Strange, me not wanting to go out.  I embraced this feeling and spent time reading books and poems, sometimes aloud. Sarge went out and came home with a haircut and a bottle of Kahlúa.  And ingredients for a Backseat … Continue reading Back-seat Baking: Cider Doughnuts

What Does Love Sound Like To You?

This is what it sounds like to me: 1.       The laughter of people I love, especially when I make it happen. 2.       Popcorn popping. 3.       The noises the coffee machine makes while doing its thing.  I happen to think it sounds exactly like a zombie dying.  Not that I’d know exactly what that sounds like. … Continue reading What Does Love Sound Like To You?

A Noodle fell into my Coffee

I hit Publish on Tuesday’s post, and then had coffee and noodles, while sitting at my desk and dealing with more official stuff.  I was addressing envelopes and slurping my lunch when I looked up and noticed my post had been Freshly Pressed.  One particular noodle might have been so shocked that it jumped ship … Continue reading A Noodle fell into my Coffee

I have been cheating on this blog…

On Friday, I listened to this and this, which made me want to start watching his actual stuff.  Sarge has both of Werner Herzog’s box sets, and he’s wanted me to get into his films for ages.  It can be said that every night is film night in this house.  Films and booze.    Friday film … Continue reading I have been cheating on this blog…