I Do Declare. Or Something.

And so, this time last week I was sitting in a very accessible coffee shop in Edinburgh with two former colleagues I hadn't seen in a while. We were catching up before I realised they hadn't seen Isla in a REALLY long time. 'But I feel like I'm in your house every day,' said one. … Continue reading I Do Declare. Or Something.


10 Things I’ve Learned From Playing Design Home

The closest I get to any kind of interior design is watching re-runs of Designing Women.  Because I am an old, nostalgic, sarcastic soul.  What I am not, is a very visual person. I've moved house A LOT in my life, and my stock answer to 'Where do you want this?' is 'Gimme all the … Continue reading 10 Things I’ve Learned From Playing Design Home

The Five Stages Of NaNoWriMo Regret

I'm working through all of the stages.  At once.  Here's a pep-talk  from Christine. *   While my blog, I'm Sick And So Are You, is a mere baby in the blog world, I am not a novice blogger. I've been around the block, as they say. I've had blogs in the past and have … Continue reading The Five Stages Of NaNoWriMo Regret

Blogging Re-Focus: The Same Gin, Only Stronger.

Consider this a belated 'If we were having coffee' post.  Hi. First, I would like to thank all of you who recently, and not so recently, clicked the button to read my ramblings.  I appreciate every one of you.  And I didn't know there were so many, many flooring and sanding companies out there.  So … Continue reading Blogging Re-Focus: The Same Gin, Only Stronger.

That Time We Clicked

Eight years ago today, I was getting ready to go on what I already hoped would be my last first date.  The boy liked Japanese fiction, beer, and obscure bands and the girl liked all of those things, and the boy, too. Online dating and I were on a break.  Had reached an impasse.  Agreed … Continue reading That Time We Clicked

How To De-Stress When You Can’t Walk It Off

As part of my own self-care for anxiety issues, I read a lot on things to do to de-stress.  A lot of these lists that I find rely heavily on running/walking/hiking/getting into interesting yoga poses. To that I say fuck you whatever works.  My point is, all that outward-bound shit doesn't work for me as … Continue reading How To De-Stress When You Can’t Walk It Off

London Book Haul

Thought I'd share my book haul from London.  Because it is physically impossible for me to travel and not come back with books.  And penguin pillows.  Apparently. Book links are Book Depository affiliate links.  More about that here.  I'm aware that that post outlines a blogging schedule, and that today is actually Thursday.  Hi.  Take … Continue reading London Book Haul