Right Now


Isla ‘helping’ pack books.

How Isla says ‘Mammy’. And that her new word is ‘cookie’. And that now she says yes as well as no.

Homemade hazelnut lattes.

Being without my mobile phone.


City On Fire, Garth Risk Halberg. My initial love for this book has cooled. But I understand that good books are like life, and cannot be interesting all the time.

Cuckoo’s Calling, JK Rowling. Kind of over-written, but somehow moreish.


Recently finished Making A Murderer. I think Mr Robot is next.

Listening To:

This week’s writing background was Harry Potter and Miss Saigon.

The update on Serial Season One

Working on:

A story. With a prompt from Gabi Coatsworth.


Well, we get the keys tomorrow. And we move on Saturday! That’s quite enough excitement for now. Also, Spring.

Making Me Happy:

Thinking about tomorrow. And the weekend. And next week. And on we go…


What about you?

A Path of Pebbles

29 February, 2012. 5.19 pm

I left work to light some candles and change into a dress.  The same one I wore for the first party Sarge and I threw together.


CJ kindly spent the evening in the living room so my PA could set a path of pebbles from the front door to the bedroom.

I stayed put, with a cup of coffee and a candy ring.


Sarge texted to say he was doing Senior Software Geek stuff and would be home by 8.  Instead of blowing out the candles and picking up the pebbles, I stayed in the bedroom for two and a half hours.  I couldn’t concentrate on my book.  Or breathe.  I may have managed to play Bejeweled Blitz, bargaining with my score.


I was down to two candles.  Sage came in with shopping bags and toilet paper.  ‘You got me pebbles.’  He might have cried before stepping into the bedroom.  And then I forgot the time.

He kisses me.

‘Are we going to do this with toilet rolls in your hand?’

‘No’, he says and puts the shopping away.  I’m still in the bedroom.  I may have been wondering if he’d jumped out the window.

He comes back.

I gave him two pebbles.

‘Now, I’m not balanced enough for one knee,’ I said.  And so, I got down on both.

And then I cried and said some mushy stuff, and ended with, ‘Will you marry me?’

And then he said some mushy stuff and cried and then I cried some more and we hugged and I might have said, ‘Wait, did you just say yes?’

‘Yes,’ he said.

‘Holy shit,’ I said.

And then he says, ‘Would you like to get up now?’

‘Yeah, now is good.’

I put the candy ring on his finger.

He reaches for something.  It’s a penguin.  It’s a penguin ring box.

‘What is THAT?’

I open the box.  It’s empty.

‘I thought we could choose one this weekend.’ And then he chooses another candy ring.  Gets on one knee and says, ‘You’re awesome.  Will you marry me?’


Best proposal ever.  We asked each other.  I figure that’s a good start.

The candy rings are in the fridge, waiting to be varnished and framed.

On Saturday, we took Frodo Bob Box to Glasgow on the quest for the ring.  That day gets its own post!

A Noodle fell into my Coffee

A photo of a cup of coffee.
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I hit Publish on Tuesday’s post, and then had coffee and noodles, while sitting at my desk and dealing with more official stuff.  I was addressing envelopes and slurping my lunch when I looked up and noticed my post had been Freshly Pressed.  One particular noodle might have been so shocked that it jumped ship off the fork and landed in my coffee.  Just maybe.

I won’t go all Sally Field on you, but I will say that I genuinely appreciate all the comments and feedback I’ve received.  I’ve read every comment and look forward to responding to people.  Being able to connect with people on a human level is really what my life is about, and if you found something in my writing to connect to, the pleasure is mine.  I write this blog  for myself, and sometimes forget that people may be reading it.

Thank you for your words and I’ll keep writing mine.

Last night Sarge and I went to this gig.  I love live music, and go to see it every chance I get. Even if the musicians are new to me, I always get something out of the experience, and often come home with new favourites.  This is what happened last night.

As I looked down at the gig stamp on my hand, listened to the music and wondered what word rhymes with palimpsest, I had a ‘be here now’ moment that hasn’t yet ended.

And earlier today, as I listened to the rain and Plácido Domingo, I was very here.  Or there.  Life is good.

I just got back from the dentist, and I was even looking forward to that.  Maybe because, in my head anyway, dentist rhymes with palimpsest.