Is It Just Me?

Imagine, if you will, a time when you wore something other than sweatpants.  You went to meetings, you had a ‘phone voice’, you had ‘Things To Do’ on  a list.  On your desk.  A desk that wasn’t in your house.  You may have even had a boss.

A boss who had more than one tooth.

And now, Fridays aren’t the same.  The closest thing you have to meetings is cake time with other mothers.  There is a lot of cake.  Remember when you didn’t like cake?

Now, you have an Elmo voice.  That voice makes your kid laugh.  Your other voice says, ‘please don’t put that in your mouth’ and ‘Dude, why are you in the rubbish?’

Fun was maybe going to the movies.  Or the pub.  Or both.  Because you could.  Now, movies live in the Netflix.  And you are asked to leave the pub, because the sleeping child strapped to your chest isn’t allowed in.

Because maybe she’ll wake up and bite people with the one tooth in her head.

But I digress.

My point is this.  Fun is different now.  Fun is simpler.

Fun is putting your underwear on your kid’s head.  And a pair of sunglasses.  Just, y’know, so the underwear doesn’t fall off.

That’s what fun is.

Or is that just fun for me?









My very patient child.  Channelling Sophia Petrillo.  Or something.

And so. what do YOU do for fun?




The One With Sarge’s Name In It

And so, I’m sitting here listening to the wedding mix.

I’ve stopped watching wedding shows and started eating again.  Mostly Tic-Tacs.  For nostalgic reasons.  And because I know I should eat, but I’m not actually hungry.

I’m still writing emails.  And my mother arrives on Monday.

And then Sarge and I get married on the 15th.  Think of us.

While I’m away, I shall leave you in the capable words of Elsa from Feminist Sonar, Susan from Adventures in Low Vision, and Madame Weebles.  There may even be a visit from the penguins at Becoming Cliche.

Thanks to those people for the guest-posts and to Sarge for still wanting to marry me.

Now.  I’ll come back with longer stories, and a less pithy About page.  And possibly an FAQ.

Included on that will be:

Q.  Is Sarge’s name actually Sarge?

A.  No.  It’s Neil.  (1,2, 3…Hello, Neil.)

If you knew that already, that means we like you, we really like you.  And now we like you all.

Neil and Lorna

That was us at the last wedding we attended.  I bought a new dress for the next one.

Now playing:  This song.  Which happens to be the first one I sent to Neil, from my computer to his.

The Oma Does Edinburgh

You may remember that we have a house guest. We’ve taken him out with us almost everywhere since his arrival.

Here is photographic evidence of The Oma’s adventures so far:

In my bag, ready for the pub.

Hugging some cider at Sofi’s:

Offering me a rose. Possibly drunk here:

Zombie coffee is good for hangovers:

More coffee at Artisan Roast.  He appreciated the signage:

Perusing Festival posters:

And enroute to a bookshop. His hosts didn’t buy any books. He wanted some postcards. No such luck.

In the middle of a celtic-knotted compass in The Meadows:

Posing in front of The Usher Hall.  Probably wondering if they need any robot guitarists.

Trying to blend in with the furniture at Frisky, after enjoying some of their frozen yogurt:

Maybe it was a sugar-high, but he was very happy to get to Edinburgh Castle:

And even happier to to see the Scottish flag: 

Here he is having a moment outside The Scottish Parliament:

And then Sarge took The Oma and George up Arthur’s Seat.

The boys go hillwalking:

And to prove they made it down from there…

We took The Oma to the movies.  To see Ted.  We thought it was appropriate somehow.

Some notes on the photos:

They are a joint effort.

Sarge climbed hills to get some of them.  He loves me that much.

The Oma reminds you to drink responsibly.

For more on The Oma’s adventures, please visit:  The Oma Today Project.

Stay tuned for:  The Oma Does Glasgow and The Oma Does Newcastle.

George’s New Friend

George Bailey-Penguin has a visitor.  The Oma has arrived!

This is the first card with his name on it, too. He’s growing up.


They seem to like each other.

Dude, whose idea was this?









For more info on the Oma, visit The Oma Today Project and Hippie Cahier.  Yes, that does rhyme.

Stay tuned for:

The Oma Does Glasgow


The Oma Does Edinburgh

My Very Own Geek

It’s Adopt-a-Geek Week over at Pretty Feet, Pop Toe.

I think this is a fantastic idea.  But I have my very own dearly loved and loveable geek.  Mine is taking a day off from being a Senior Software Geek because he has Super Sad Sinusitis.

I usually like it when we have matching days off, but not when he feels like this:

Proof of snot.

But wait, not only is he a Senior Software Geek with Sinusitis, he is also a Band Geek:

Proof of skills.

And before you think this is one-sided geekery, it isn’t.  I’m the one who wants my very own Bazinga t-shirt.

Are you a geek?

Do you have a geek?

Perhaps we can double-geek-date?