Share Your Day

Neil is back after a week in Edinburgh.  He goes back for another week tomorrow, so there's a lot of this happening:   What does your weekend look like? Share a photo or link or comment.    


What I Really Meant To Say

'Are you going make a speech?' Neil asked me, before and during the wedding. 'I'll do one if you forget anything in yours,' I said. 'I won't. But you should say something, anyway. I don't want a sexist weddingslashmarriage.' 'Reason a billion and 31 why I love you.' Anyway. During his speech, my Dad told … Continue reading What I Really Meant To Say

It’s Not A Tie

When I was a kid, and Father’s Day or his birthday rolled around, I would buy my Dad a tie.   Or a wallet.  I wasn’t very creative back then.  At Christmas, people would get something from the craft-fair at school.  Nothing with glue or dried macaroni on it, because I thought that was a waste … Continue reading It’s Not A Tie

From My Heart To My Toes

Last Saturday, Sarge and I got up early to see our wedding venue decked out for a wedding.  The sun was out and I could picture next year, our people in that room.   ‘And we’ll announce you from here,’ said the events planner person.  And I cried. We headed toward breakfast and I wondered again … Continue reading From My Heart To My Toes