My Fall TBR Pile

I get excited when The Broke and The Bookish have Top Ten Tuesdays where I can actually list ten books.  Well, I can usually list a hundred books, but y'know. This week's list is your Fall TBR.  And I have books for that.  Of course I do. The books I plan to read this fall … Continue reading My Fall TBR Pile


Coffee & Books I Didn’t Buy Yesterday

If we were having coffee, I'd tell you that yesterday, the crew and I tried to go out for an actual coffee.  We even left the house while it was still morning.  I was quite impressed with us. The idea was to have family time while perusing books. We drove about a half an hour, … Continue reading Coffee & Books I Didn’t Buy Yesterday

6 Book Boxes With International Shipping

I love mail that isn't bills.  And bookmail is THE BEST.  I look for book subscription services that ship to the UK almost every month. I even wrote to Book of the Month, asking when they were going to offer international shipping.  I got a very nice, very general non-response. With the help of some … Continue reading 6 Book Boxes With International Shipping

3 Books, 3 Blogs With Wed In Central Park

A few days ago, I had the bright idea to open up 3 Books, 3 Blogs to some groovy guest bloggers. I’m (really) quite excited about featuring other people’s book and blog choices, and hope you enjoy them, too. Since the fam and I are off to NY THIS WEEKEND I thought we’d start with … Continue reading 3 Books, 3 Blogs With Wed In Central Park

Books & Blog Notes

I've spent most of the weekend in Starwars yoga pants and a green Team Awesome t-shirt.  Popcorn was consumed in vast quantities. Last weekend we set Isla up in a 'big kid bed' which matches 'big kid school'.  This is a good thing.  Bed time stories happen in her room now.  She falls asleep in … Continue reading Books & Blog Notes