Twenty Questions With – Lorna

I have a guest post over at Wheelescapades today.  I'd like to thank Gemma for hosting me, even though I avoided the tea question! Go over and have a read and subscribe to Wheelescapades while you're there! Post is:  Twenty Questions With - Lorna


A London Weekend At The Twin Peaks UK Festival

I kinda hate talking on the phone.  But I have this one friend who I'd like see every day, and we actually phone each other, on actual phones, something like once a month. My Lobsister Emma deserves her own post (*waves*), but for now I shall use our recent conversation as a prologue, if you … Continue reading A London Weekend At The Twin Peaks UK Festival

17 Stress-Busters & Simple Pleasures

Real-talk time, I was going to call this 17 Things That Piss Me Off.  However.  That only helps me, while these stress-busters will help you, too.  Maybe.  As my Ma says, just try it. I like to watch my kid paint.   Take this morning as an example.  She'd had three halves of two different … Continue reading 17 Stress-Busters & Simple Pleasures

Nonfiction, Fiction, and Stranger than Fiction

Hello! Today's 3 Books, 3 Blogs is a guest post from Angela over at You Are Awesome.   I am heading down to London today for a damn fine cup of coffee at The Twin Peaks Festival. I love all of these people (Angela and the blogs and bloggers she recommends) Thanks to Angela, and … Continue reading Nonfiction, Fiction, and Stranger than Fiction

How I Became Pinteresting

I think I started using Pinterest back when I got engaged. I think scrapbooks are messy and stupid, but I wanted a way to procrastinate collect ideas for the wedding, and more importantly, the honeymoon. I also had a board of sayings called THE WALL and visual writing prompts tacked on STORYBOARD. I didn't have … Continue reading How I Became Pinteresting

NaNoWriMo Prep & Other Words

NaNoWriMo and I have an interesting past. The first time I took part, I drafted something that I printed out on mint green paper, workshopped around, edited with red and purple pen, and then stuck in a drawer. Every fucking day year since I have done a variation on that same theme. Blast music.  Scribble. … Continue reading NaNoWriMo Prep & Other Words

Let’s Connect!

Thought I'd do a little impromptu ice-cream/beer/cider/tea/coffee social - Post a bit about your blog and links to your social media you'd like me (and other people) to connect with you on. Make connections with other people in the comments! I'll go first: I post about life, books and Isla on Facebook and Instagram. I … Continue reading Let’s Connect!