About Gin & Lemonade

I started Gin & Lemonade in August of 2010. Gin & Lemonade banner

Back then I had just moved in with my boyfriend (Sarge), and I wanted to write from the perspective of a youngish person with CP in a relationship and living in not the most accessible city in the world.

And for added interestingness, I was an American living in Scotland for a really long time, with an accent that betrayed all my years here.

To bring you up to speed, Sarge has always been Neil and we got married in 2013.  Our daughter Isla was born in 2014, and we still call her Zerbert.  Sometimes.

And these days, the three of us live in a medium-sized house in the country.   I miss the city.  But missing places and people is not a new concept for me.

I’m still American and my accent is still weird.

I used to drive a sports chair.  Now I have a minivan chair.

Gin & Lemonade is where I drink coffee and talk about all of it.  On this blog you will find musings and hopefully full sentences on all of the above,  quips, weird list posts, family flashbacks.  And reading updates.

I’ve been trying to blog more consistently and connect with people that don’t live in my house with me.  Hi.

Grab a drink and read along…


P.S.  Another open letter to you guys is here.   And more about me is here.

P.P.S.  This was the original introduction to Gin & Lemonade:

A few days after I turned 29, I made a list.  This blog is not about that list.

On the list are things I want to do/work on before I turn 30.  Item 13 is: Start a public blog.

Never mind that I wanted to call it something else, and then something else.  Months after I wrote the list, the blog is called Gin & Lemonade, and here it is.  I think I’ll add: Don’t Procrastinate to any lists I make in the future.

For a few years now I’ve thought, I live my life, so I don’t have to write about it.  But stuff keeps happening.  And I want to write about it.

This blog is about me.  And my life.  The fact that I use a wheelchair and live in not the most accessible city in the world is only one part of it.  Or is that two parts?  I was never good at Math.  That’s another part.

And yes, I drink Gin & Lemonade.  And other things.  Like coffee.  But never at the same time.  Gin, lemonade and coffee would be too much.  Or would it?

I’m very likely to be drinking coffee while writing blog posts.  That can be taken as a warning, or as fact.

For other random or not-so random facts, you’ll just have to read along.







49 thoughts on “About Gin & Lemonade

  1. I am surprised that at the same age, 29, I started my first public blog. And, same subject matter as well- personal life. Will read more of your works and hope you can also check mine.

    thanks and more outputs.

      1. I’m back again and I feel compelled to say that I read this description again, liked it again and was ready to write something similar to what I did last year.

        Your blog is still wonderful, but today it served to trigger a considerable amount of panic in me. Memory! Why is it so crap?

        If this happens again next year I may need one of your famed Gin and Lemonades.

  2. “This blog is about me. And my life. The fact that I use a wheelchair and live in not the most accessible city in the world is only one part of it. Or is that two parts? I was never good at Math. That’s another part.”

    Reading your “About Me” section pulled me in immedately. I don’t use a weelchair, but I do have crebreal palsy. However, this is only one part of my life. I have never been good at Math either, and I suppose that’s another part.

    Thanks for this blog. I know it probably wasn’t your intention to write for others, (as it never seems to be in the begininng) but I’m hooked in. 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  3. Lorna I really enjoy your blog. I love to read, write and learn from others. I will enjoy learning from you with or without a “wheel chair.” Bless you. Jackie

  4. I’ve just started a public blog lately just after turning 29! Don’t know if I’m having some sort of a ‘pre-30’ awakening of sorts, but I’m kind of rediscovering myself and doing things that I’ve never done before – making fun to do lists and hoping I stick to it! You have a great blog and great posts!

  5. Ok this is a first. I never leave comments about people’s blog descriptions. Its not a principle or anything,its just not what I do.Your writing is great-makes me want to “look under the hood”. So now I’m going to have to subscribe and read you every day. See what you made me do ??? Cheers,Jeff

  6. I love you already! Plus I just saw you on Freshly Pressed, and I liked the easy style you wrote about your passport…I hope you get it back soon.
    I’ve never been good at maths too!!! Is it something about writers (some other comments allude to coming up blank with math)…. Anything above tens and I need a calculator, seriously!
    I will definitely be back Lorna……

    1. Hello!

      I love your blog, too! Consider me a new reader, and thanks for reading me!

      And it’s always good to hear from people who aren’t mathematically-inclined. 🙂

  7. Hello!

    I would just like to introduce myself because my eyes are always reading your posts. ! 🙂 ! My eyes are always reading through your posts because they are always a good read. Keep em coming. 🙂

    – Charlie

  8. Just saw you’d subscribed to my blog. Thanks! I’ve been looking through yours and LOVE it! Also, coffee-addict-especially-while-writing? Bad-at-math? Texan-transplanted-via-various-places-to-wind-up-in-Scotland? Those all are my kinds of awesome! I have relatives up in Aberdeenshire, actually, and one of my cousins is currently at university in Edinburgh.

    Seriously, enjoying your blog, and I’m very happy to reciprocate the subscription. I look forward to more! 🙂

  9. Hi, thanks for reading my poem and visiting my blog. I’ve really enjoyed reading about your blog ambitions. I’m so envious that you are in Edinburgh, I miss that city so much!! But you’re right. Not very accessible. Lots of slippery, stony streets and narrow stairways! Looking forward to reading more of your adventures. 🙂 Bonnie (from Australia)

  10. Hey Lorna

    Thank you for visiting my site, from one Scottish wheelchair user to another!

    Hopefully we can share some stories and some laughs, your introduction certainly made me smile!

    Where in Edinburgh do you live? I used to stay just off Gorgie Rd and down at the bottom of Leith for a while, loved my time in Edinburgh but wouldn’t want to negotiate it in a wheelchair.

    Anyway, this is just a hello and thank you.


    1. Hi Steven,

      I found your blog when a friend posted a link on Facebook. It’s nice to connect with you!

      I live in Leith. Moved for love so I can’t complain, but I don’t love the cobbles!


  11. Hi Lorna, thanks for following my blog! I like your writing, very conversational, funny and well-written. I’m looking forward to reading more.


  12. Hi Lorna! I started a 30 before 30 list and my blog wasn’t on that list but then I started one anyway! (Actually I still have a few spaces left on my list so may add it so I can cross it off straight away 😂) Nice to meet you and find your blog x

  13. Thank you for following my blog and I look forward to reading your posts.

    Also i do agree that Gin, lemonade and coffee do not go together, for, I feel, it would spoil the 2 drinks, while some spirits do go with coffee, such as whiskey, gin I believe will not and may put you off both drinks, which would be a great shame.

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