A Day At Long Island Aquarium

One of my/our favorite days of THE TRIP was visiting the butterflies and penguins (and other creatures) at Long Island Aquarium.

Neil and I went years ago and we’d been looking forward to taking Isla (even before she was Isla).

I honestly don’t know who was more excited.

Here are some photos from our day there.  With a caption contest for the last one!



IMG_1607 2




IMG_1610 2




And the priceless moment we actually paid 20 bucks for:


Yes, that is a real penguin, people.  Caption contest, anyone?

Is Awkward Family Photos still a thing?

Notes:  All photos are iPhone photos, except the last one.

Inspiration for this post from life, Dory, random Zen moments, and this weekly photo challenge.










15 thoughts on “A Day At Long Island Aquarium

  1. R and the kids would LOVE to have their photo taken with a real penguin! (Actually, I think R would be more excited than the kids. Penguins are his thing.) Neil’s shirt is great, btw.

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