Coffee & Books I Didn’t Buy Yesterday

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that yesterday, the crew and I tried to go out for an actual coffee.  We even left the house while it was still morning.  I was quite impressed with us.

The idea was to have family time while perusing books.

We drove about a half an hour, found a bookshop that was open, but I couldn’t get up the really steep ramp, because moss + rain = not today, Lorna Lou.

Which kinda sucks because they have a book group that I wanted to join.  I wonder if I can Skype in.

The next place we drove up to was closed, and the next.

We found a newish place, where I had langoustine.  Depending on where you look those are either teeny, tiny lobsters or big F-off shrimp.  I bet it was fun watching me try and open them.

My chocolate cake was more accessible to eat.  With the added bonus of not having eyes.

And then Dad and Anne actually saw us through the window and trooped in.  A good time was had by all.

Honestly, I began the day thinking again that a lot of this island is inaccessible to me. But then there was chocolate cake.  Or something.

Feeling better today.  Renewed my railcard in time for the Twin Peaks UK Fest next month.

I’ve been reading Crazy Rich Asians, because An Historian About Town says so.

And The Fact of a Body from my New York Book Haul.

And Night Film for this groovy bookclub over here.

So, it was probably a good thing that I didn’t bring home any new books yesterday.  Or something.

Are you part of an online book club?



These are just some of the books already in my house.  No business book-shopping, really.

Show me your shelfies?

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9 thoughts on “Coffee & Books I Didn’t Buy Yesterday

  1. I LOVE shelfies! Thanks for sharing. and I really like those cubby shelves.

    As for bookclubs. nope. Me and groups of people [even online!] just don’t get along for more than a month or so. Then I say something or somebody else says something really stupid and BAM, drama.

  2. I haven’t unpacked all my books. I have boxes full of them waiting for a house one day. Right now all my shelves are full of homeschool books and board games and dust because I haven’t cleaned in awhile. So, I’ll save the shelfie for another day.

  3. Well, crap. It ticks me right off that places are inaccessible in this century. I am sorry.

    I tried “Crazy Rich Asians.” It wasn’t my favorite, but I know a lot of people who loved it. I just finished “The Hate You Give,” and I need to have a bit of a lie-down to digest it.I have had to slow WAY down on buying books and instead get e-books because I literally have books stacked on every horizontal surface of my home with no other place to put them. So physical books are reserved for absolutely special editions, like the new Harry Potters that they are re-realasing each year with new illustrations. I can’t wait to see Jim Kay’s take on Prisoner of Azkaban.

    “Everything I Never Told You” is also EXCELLENT. I ramble today. I apologize.

      1. I am shifting and reorganizing books now. I am letting go of some because I know they will be of use to another book lover. It is good to review form time to time, what is on the shelf. Thanks for coffee.

  4. Cool shelves! I have never been a fan of book clubs, usually because when I’ve attempted to participate in one, the books that have been picked were really awful. I am much more of a solitary reader, so the postal book club thing is perfect. I can read and then share my thoughts and not have to actually *talk* to someone. Is that bad?

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