6 Book Boxes With International Shipping

I love mail that isn’t bills.  And bookmail is THE BEST.  I look for book subscription services that ship to the UK almost every month.

Photo by Chris Lawton on Unsplash

I even wrote to Book of the Month, asking when they were going to offer international shipping.  I got a very nice, very general non-response.

With the help of some bookish friends who don’t have blogs, I’ve come up with a list of book boxes that do offer international shipping options.

Where do I sign up?

Some notes:

Blurbs for each company/service taken from their websites.

I’m not affiliated with any of them, but I have used one of them.

Christmas is coming, you guys.

Muse Monthly –

Muse Monthly was founded in 2015 under one founding principal: at the end of a long day, there is nothing better than curling up with a hot cup of tea and escaping into a good book. Our boxes, each perfectly curated with a book and tea pairing, are designed to inspire and comfort those of us who need some time for themselves. It’s self-care for bookworms!

BookVoyage – 

BookVoyage is a monthly subscription box for avid readers and global citizens. Each box is country-themed and contains a foreign book written by a critically-acclaimed local author and translated into English, tea or coffee from that country, as well as a sweet or savoury treat to go with the hot drink, giving you what we like to call a truly global immersive reading experience.

Mirror Book Box –

MIRROR BOOK BOX is a monthly subscription box dedicated to all the little differences that make us who we are & featuring books that reflect them. Each month subscribers will receive a ‘reflective’ book and 4-5 items related to the theme of the month.

Crime Clubs from The Mysterious Bookshop.

The Book Drop

The Book Drop is a subscription box lovingly created & run by a little independent bookstore at the beach.

The Willoughby Book Club –

Based on information provided by you, we’ll deliver a new, hand selected book once a month to a gift recipient of your choice. Beautifully wrapped with a personal message and tailored to their reading tastes by our team of literary experts, our book subscription box makes the perfect gift for any book worm – young or old!


Note from Lorna:  This is the only one I’ve actually used myself.

What book boxes do you get?


Six book subscription services that offer international shipping





18 thoughts on “6 Book Boxes With International Shipping

  1. I don’t buy a lot of books these days, as we live directly across from an amazing library. But, back in the day, I used to get monthly cookbooks and crafting/DIY book boxes. I love the idea of a book and tea pairing, too!

  2. What’s wrong with me…I didn’t even know there were book subscription clubs!!!!! You’re rocking my world! I always love ordering books on Amazon, but this sounds even better!

    – Kaitlin

  3. I don’t get any, because I can’t afford them — I rarely buy books new (just read a lot of library books and Kindle editions and then buy favourites secondhand) and new books + goodies + postage is always too pricey. (Also, I don’t really buy books I haven’t already read, because shelf space is limited and I’m very fussy: other people picking books for me sounds like a recipe for a lot of 3* reads.) A lot of my book blogging friends get subscriptions like OwlCrate or Illumicrate because those have a YA focus. I’m always jealous when I see the unboxing pictures but I’m not sure a subscription service would actually suit me and my reading / book acquiring habits.

    1. I only got the one as a gift after Isla was born, because Neil figured my bookshopping would be curtailed. I don’t have any business buying new books, but I am intrigued by all the book boxes!

      1. I can see the usefulness of it there! I guess I just… don’t really like surprises where books are concerned, so I’d always want to know for sure that the book was something I actually wanted to read.

  4. Um, I would love to try all of these!!! Especially the world literature book box and the mirror book box. Such a cool idea! Are they affordable?

    1. There seems to be a range of prices for each company, depending on how many months you go for, and some places offer multiple boxes. The on-off prices seem reasonable. Each link has pricing info. 🙂

  5. Wow I honestly had no idea book boxes even existed! I think it’s so cool to get new book packages & have your next months read be a total surprise! Awesome 🙂

  6. I have never heard of any of these boxes, so thank you for sharing! I have been a subscriber of Book of the Month for about a year now – I hope they get international shipping soon!! :X A new subscription I’m trying is Page Habit, which “provides exclusive book subscription boxes featuring author-annotated new release books in a variety of popular genres.” For every box purchased, they make a donation in support of children’s literacy, and, they are an international shipper. 🙂

  7. I can see that they can be fun, but I don’t think I would like to have someone I don’t know and who doesn’t know me choose books for me. I’m sure there would be wonderful discoveries of books I wouldn’t otherwise have come across, but the chances of disaster are high.

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