New York Book Haul

These are ALL THE BOOKS I acquired while in NY or at the airport on the way.

Airport books:

The Crow Girl by Erik Axl Sund, Killers of the Flower Moon by David Grann, and Not Working by Lisa Owens.

The rest of these BEAUTIES were found at B&N where I wanted to spend ALL day, and Book Revue, where we nearly did.

Also, had a blind date with a book curtesy of the beautiful Biblioflames, where I could have bought ALL THE CANDLES.











Some notes:

The book links are Book Depository affiliates. Which means if you choose to buy through them I get a teeny tiny bit of the sale.

The formatting on this post took me two hours.  And it’s still ugly.  But I still love you.

This post was brought to you by several sale tables and a few choice words.

Have you read any of these books?


16 thoughts on “New York Book Haul

  1. Don’t read A Constellation if you’re feeling down. It’s a great book, but set in very hard times. And thanks for mentioning the wonderful Ruth Ozeki – I’ll try her latest.
    This looks like a really good, eclectic list. Enjoy them!

    1. May have been bc I was in the 1 and only English class I hated. I should reread it. Ditto for A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.

  2. Someone else who buys a ton of books in airports and on trips!! I always use my trips to Ireland and the UK for stocking up on chick lit- travel books are the best because you get the joy of reading the book, AND the memories every time you look at it!

    1. Thing with the airport books was I thought I’d forgotten my Kindle (!) and being bookless would not do. And I have a hard time getting rid of books, because I associate everything with the time that I bought them. I try to buy at least one (!!!) book from wherever I go.

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