Finding Zen On An Ordinary Day

We travel down to Edinburgh on Saturday and fly to New York on Sunday.  Things have been a little hectic around here, but we are nearly ready to go.

I’m looking forward to being on the plane.  Planes are where I don’t have to take any phone calls, charge any phones, or answer questions harder than ‘chicken or fish?’

The last time we were on a flight, Isla slept through most of it.  She can have the window seat this time, and I’ll just spend the whole flight looking at her face looking out the window.

When I need five minutes, I look at Isla’s face.  Because right there is most of the stress-buster I need.

These other things work, too:

Isla’s tackle-hugs in the morning and when she still sees fit to fall asleep on me at night.

When I manage to get the heel of her sock on the heel of her foot.

The time between when Isla goes to school and when my PA arrives in the morning.  Even though I love all the people, it’s nice to be just me.

And Neil.

Coffee, coffee coffee.  When Neil makes it.

Music.  Something to dance in the kitchen to.  Or close my eyes and experience.  Songs are events to me.

The first page of a new book.  The middle page of an old book.  And marking all the books as read on Litsy and Goodreads.

That sweet spot somewhere where my own words flow and I don’t have to reach for them.

New notebooks, filled notebooks.  Any notebooks.

And the times when the stuff in them isn’t half-bad.

Hearing characters in my head and just having to dictate for them.

A well-placed hyphenated swear.

Hitting ‘Publish’ on a blog post.

The intro logos to movies.  The middle of movies.  The credits of movies.  But not so much leaving/turning off the movies.

That time of day when I think I’m going to watch all the TV in an hour, but settle in with Judge Judy.

Good theme songs on TV shows

That time when I pick up Isla and get a crinkly-eyed smile and THE BEST hug.

Burning popcorn, just enouogh.

New car smell.

The sweetness and possibility of an ice-cream shop.

Being hungry and knowing I’m going foodwards.

Trip-planning.  Being on trips.  But not necessarily the end of trips.


Level pavements.

Hearing ‘Hi, Mumma.’

And also, ‘G’night Mumma.  Loveyou.’

A new day.

Where do you find your five minutes?

Neil did not make this coffee, however.  Photo by Nolan Issac on Unsplash  




10 thoughts on “Finding Zen On An Ordinary Day

  1. I love this post! I find my five minutes in a good cup of coffee, reading a good blog post, nighttime snuggles with Ollie before he falls asleep and the sleepy snuggles I get with him in the morning, and cat purrs from the fur babes.

  2. hitting that [PUBLISH] Button ✔
    The first page of a good book ✔
    Movie Credits with a great theme song and a great soundtrack and pausing the credits to see the soundtrack titles✔
    Listening to a music playlist made up of songs I found in movies sometimes tv series✔

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