Coffee & Current Reads

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you it’s like October here today, but the sun’s trying to come out.

Neil and Isla have gone to the shops, and I’m here on coffee and ready to share. Settle in.

We went to a pop-up market in town this week and spent too much on mojito fudge that didn’t actually have mojito in it, I was disappointed. This is an actual mojito fudge recipe. I probably won’t try it myself, but there it is.

Yesterday Isla and I took a road-trip with my Dad that included me car-singing Up On The Roof. By myself. Dad took Isla into the bank, but I had fun.

Did I tell you Isla has a kite now? And she has absolutely zero interest in it?

But she does like to strut, apparently.


If we were having coffee, I’d tell you it’s exactly a week til New York Times. Or a week til travel to New York time.

Isla wakes up every morning asking, Is it Nana day yet? Next Sunday.

If we were having coffee, you’d see we’re already in packing mode. In related news, Isla spent most of the morning walking around with one of my bras on her head. No pictures, please.

In further related news, Neil has um, suggested that I only take my Kindle with me on the trip. Even if we’re just going somewhere overnight, I take six books. And my Kindle. But New York is made of hopes and dreams and bookshops, so let’s conserve space in the luggage.

And really, I have a few metric shit-ton books on my Kindle, anyway.

Current highlights include:

I Am Pilgrim – what took me so long with this event of a book?

Bring Her Home – This one is the first book choice for a new book club over at The Suspense Is Thrilling Me and Clues and Reviews.

And I’m getting my YA fix with When Dimple met Rishi.

So, that’s three books and two blogs.

If we we’re having coffee, I’d say go and say Happy Birthday to Traci, because it’s y’know, her birthday.

So there you have 3 books, 3 Blog(ger)s.

As for recent times at Gin & Lemonade, my favourite posts have been How To Shop When You Hate Shopping and My Top 17 Travel Memories.

How’s your week been?


Small print: This post contains bookish affiliate links. But remember that the book-love part came before the 30p per sale part. Hi.

More small print:  #weekendcoffeeshare posts originated here



15 thoughts on “Coffee & Current Reads

  1. Mojito fudge without the Mojito?!? I would’ve been so annoyed. I really do wish it was October though! I’m so ready for this sweltering heat to go away! 🙂

  2. I’m laughing so hard at the idea of Isla running around with your bra on her head. Ollie does that too. I can’t believe your trip is coming up so fast. And I hate that I’m not in New York. 😉

  3. Bras made great headwear and Isla sounds like she’s setting a real trend among pre-schoolers. I was thrilled when my latest book arrived in the mail today: Sandburg & Grant: “Option B: Facing adversity, building resilience, and finding joy”. I read some rave reviews and cursory glance has given it the thumbs up.
    I just wish I had more time to read. my days truly evaporate.
    xx Rowena

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