My Top 17 Travel Memories

In my last post I mentioned that *I was this close* to 200 groovy likers on Gin & Lemonade’s Facebook page.  With a little help from my friends, I’m now at 215.  Thank you!

Moving on.  In a minute.

When I was sitting at 199, I said that groovy person 200 would get to choose the topic for my next blog post.

What I learned from that exercise is that I can’t count.

But I asked Angela over at You Are Awesome and she suggested that I share 200 of my favourite things.

Hey, presto.  New blogging series where I talk about what makes me happy/think/tick.

Thanks, Angela.  (Note:  sarcasm optional.)

As we embark on this journey of whatever, I’ll try to get better at counting.

And since I’m all about the passport stamps at the moment, I thought I’d share highlights from travels past.

That time in London when I thought a bidet was a sink for kids.  It wasn’t.  In my defence, I was 4.

That time in Norway when I got a little too close to lambing season.  It was miraculous gross.  And also the reason I’m not a vet right now.  Thanks, Norway.  (No sarcasm.  At all.  Honest.)

That time my Mom and I got lost on the way to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg.  I think that’s why I appreciate getting lost these days.

That one time I went to sleep-away camp and the bunk didn’t actually smell of pee.  Seriously, it was only that one time.

The first time I landed in Scotland.  The original and best Airport Hello.

That time I did Amtrak from New York to Seattle on my own,  and I even met some biker pastors that I’d changed my mind about by the end of the three-day journey.

Being in Seattle, drinking coffee in the first Starbucks.  Finding reiki and losing 20 pounds in one month because I forgot my friend was a vegetarian.

Going to Prague and watching German MTV.

Getting drunk in Dublin.

Getting dumped in Paris.  Then having to sleep rough-ish, because the airport did actually close overnight, and they did actually throw us out.  Into a bathroom.  I watched the sunrise and said goodbye to someone who thought he was some kind of mystic.  But really he was just a very specific kind of asshole.  Anyway.   I took my best friend with me and now we have THAT TIME WE SLEPT IN A BATHROOM.

Florence.  And everything about it.

That time I took Neil to New York for the first time.  Even though he didn’t propose to me on that trip.

The second night of our honeymoon when we had to sleep on bunkbeds.  On a train to London.  And another one to Bruges.

Taking pictures of George Bailey-Penguin.  Getting drunk in Bruges.

This photo of us in Barcelona.  LOOK at how relaxed we are.



Having one too many mojitos in a bar in Barcelona.  Because we looked at each other and agreed: We will never get to DO THIS AGAIN.

Which brings us to Isla’s first trip to NY, where she turned six months old.

So, that’s 17 of my favourite travel memories.  I counted.  And then Neil checked my counting.

Another favourites list coming up next week!

What’s your favourite travel memory?


My top 17 travel memories - Gin & Lemonade





51 thoughts on “My Top 17 Travel Memories

  1. This list made me smile. Besides traveling full time in our 17-foot trailer now, my favorite travel memory is sailing with friends around the San Juan Islands for a week. Second fav is cruising on a 42-foot sailboat from Juneau, Alaska to the north end of Vancouver Island.

  2. I love the “lost 20 pounds because I forgot my friend was a vegetarian” Hahaha! That would so be me as well. You have some great travel stories. My top five would be seeing Cinderella Castle in Disney World for the first time when I was nine, the ocean in Jamaica and how salty the air smelled, taking Ollie to our favorite spot in Northern MN for the first time, taking 15 kids across the Canadian border when I was barely an adult myself, and hiking a mountain in Maine when Nate and I were still dating.

  3. I love it! I know it was my idea and you may (or may not) think it’s a terrible one–but I must say–I thoroughly enjoyed it! Anything smelling like pee makes an impression on me for sure.
    I’m looking forward to 183 more nuggets of goodness. 🙂

  4. That is a wonderful and very personal list! When I run out of topics for my blog (if that ever happens :-)), I’d love to create a list like this myself, if, for nothing else, to reminisce and reflect on those “good, old days”. Or realize how much of a wimp I have become! 🙂

  5. Wow! You have been to some places on my bucket list. aargh it’s a hard question. I love Barcelona, Marseille, Miami, Villard de Lans -near Lyon. Ibiza was amazing- there is so many – A place I do want to go to is Rome and New Orleans.

  6. I love travel stories – each place holds special memories as you’ve found out. One of my favourite memories is when my husband & I took our 3 month old son Jack with us to Rome in December 2005. He looked such a small doll & even was content on the plane ( I did breastfeed on the flights there & back). In Rome itself, as I was pushing Jack in his buggy around Central Rome, a lot of Japanese tourists wanted to take pictures of the little Italian bambino! Although we are actually British, my husband’s gran is Italian and both my husband & Jack have the black haired Italian look! 😊

    1. Thanks Suzanne, I’m looking forward to 183 more things! All the times it didn’t work out brought me closer to when it did and still does. And I’m thankful for that every day. I’ve done a lot, but there’s so much more out there to enjoy. x

  7. Oh, i can tell there are so many stories behind all of these memories, and I want to know more about all of them! Great list, and it’s amazing how one memory can spark a whole raft of others 🙂

  8. These are teasers. You may have to do a few more blog posts to provide details. My favorite travel memory is going to Hawaii with my husband on our honeymoon. It is a long trip from Maine, but it truly is a paradise and if we can muster the endurance, we’d like to go back one day. The coffee and pineapple are amazing. I gained 5 pounds in a week.

    1. There are some around here somewhere, search ‘travel’ or ‘on the road’ (Search box in right sidebar). But I do need to add more stories.

      Hawaii is on my list at some point.

  9. Your getting lost made me smile especially over travel. It is because I am a “back alley” person. I have had fabulous experiences as going down back alleys only to end up somewhere incredible. Get lost and experience!!

  10. Certainly when M was giving me a piggyback outside of Hampton Court and a group or giggling French girls ran up to us, snapped some pics, and then ran away 🤣 I would love to get my hands on those!!

  11. I love travel stories! My favorite is when my hubby and I went to Hawaii for our honeymoon. It was incredible. The beaches. The hiking. And the Waterfalls! It was an awesome trip. We plan on going back someday!

  12. What an awesome list! The bike pastors must have been an interesting group to chat with! One of my best travel memories thus far is snorkeling off Maui when a huge sea turtle came so close to me that I had to swim backwards so as not to bump into it! I will never forget it! Magical! Cher xo

          1. I have, actually! I just used one of those simple camera that you can use underwater (but it was one of those ‘throwaway’ types)! I’d love to get an awesome underwater camera! Cher xo

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