Coffee & Answers


If we were having coffee, you might remember I’m kindasortamaybe following along with the Ultimate Blog Challenge, or #blogboost.

Today’s prompt is an Ask Me Anything post.ASK ME ANYTHING!

Well.  That could go a lot of ways.

You might also have figured that I’m trying to blog more consistently recently.

My new intro thing to the blog would be:

I’m Lorna. I’m an American living in Scotland for going on 25 years. Share a house in the boonies with my city husband, our 3 year-old daughter, and lots of books. I also have CP. I write about everything. Hi.

I’ve been trying to distill what I write about here, so I can well, write more.

I’ve had some messages from people who didn’t know I was American.  Or a wheelchair-user.  Or sarcastic.  I am all of those things.

Now, I have been blogging for AGES.  However, if people I like can’t glean those rather fundamental details about me, I’ve been sharing my real story kinda wrong.

And so, ask me anything.  I will answer as honestly as possible in the spirit of openness and coffee.

I’ll answer everything.  If a question warrants a long(er) answer, it’ll be a new post.

Anything goes.  The silly, the serious.  The Netflix queue.

I’m gonna make another coffee and settle in.

Ask away.

P.S.   Info on #weekendcoffeeshare is here.

Info on #blogboost is here.



34 thoughts on “Coffee & Answers

  1. How did you end up im Scotland? And how did you handle the culture shift? What was the hardest part to adapt to? (I know that is 3 questions. :D)

    1. Dude. That’s harder than the book question. Here goes: Godfather I, Pulp Fiction, The Big Lebowski, Withnail and I, The Station Agent, Eagle Vs, Shark, and The Truth About Cats and Dogs.

      1. Would you believe out if all those I’ve only seen one. That was Pulp Fiction and it too me about three goes to actually ‘get’ it. It was worse than the Matrix, it only took two goes lol.
        Mine would be The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, or Final Fantasy Advent Children which is CGI. I’m a geek lol

  2. What is your favorite thing about Scotland? Have you been to the Edinburgh Castle? How about the Edinburgh Festival? I am descended three ways from Robert the Bruce, and have not been top visit my ancestral homeland…

  3. Hi Lorna,
    Pleased to meet you. Where abouts in Scotsland are you living? My aunt has just been over there from Australia to attend a conference in Edinburgh and went to see where our family came from in Garve. People thought she was mad wanting to go there but she did get to the Little Garve Bridge which looked really sweet. I was looking up places for her before she left. On the other side, my family comes from Islay and I’m related to the people who founded Le froig Whiskey.
    I was interested to read you have CP. I have an auto-immune disease called dermatomyositis where your muscles attack each other, resulting in muscle loss. I am a member of Muscular Dystrophy association and so I feel quite connection with CP people, although the competition gets pretty fierce in Bocce.
    My mobility varies quite a lot and is largely dependent on whether the dermatomyositis is in remission or not. I’ve been in remission for 3 years and my mobility is the best it;s been in 10 years. At the same time, negotiating crowds, pot holes in footpaths and long trips can be a problem and I’ll use a stick.
    I did, however, attend the Sydney Opera House in a wheelchair last year and wrote about it:
    It’s been great to meet you.
    Best wishes,

  4. Hi, Lorna. Is CP Cerebral Palsy?
    How did you end up in Scotland?
    Is this your first time with #blogboost?
    Where in America did you grow up?
    Okay, that’s about it. I’ll follow you on Instagram so you can answer there too if you like. ^_^

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