What’s It All About, Lorna?

I started blogging in 2010.

Bubble tea and me on honeymoon in Barcelona.  Neil was there, too.

I’m a lifetime disabled person. Back then I had just moved in with my boyfriend, and I wanted to write from the perspective of a youngish, funny, disabled person in a relationship and living in not the most accessible city in the world.

I’m also living in a country I wasn’t born in.

Also. My boyfriend has become my husband and we’ve made a human. I am a parent who blogs, but not a Mummy blogger. For starters, I don’t complain about my husband (that much), wine gives my heartburn, and I actually like my kid.

I am a mother who drinks and swears and tells her kid the truth.  I’m also her soft place to fall/climb.

I love my husband like no one else, even when he annoys the shit out of me.  Sometimes because he annoys the shit out of me.

These days, the three of us live in a medium-sized house in the country.   I miss the city.  But missing places and people is not a new concept for me.  Working on it.

I also have anxiety issues, but I’m working on those, too.

I’ve been trying to blog more consistently and connect with people that don’t live in my house with me.  Hi.

On this blog you will find musings and hopefully full sentences on all of the above,  quips, weird list posts, family flashbacks.  And reading updates.


More about me is here: 25 Things About Me

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If you’ve just found the blog, nice to meet you.  If you’re an old friend, thanks for sticking around.


(Post inspired by life, love, and UBC #BlogBoost.)







21 thoughts on “What’s It All About, Lorna?

  1. Good god the only differences between us is I’m the states and I don’t have a wheelchair. But dude, we are seriously twins I everything else. I could not heart you more.

      1. What! 3! Goodness gracious time flies! Now I’m going to have to go blog-stalk you to see what’s been happening. I’m back to blogging for the time being. Anger over healthcare has brought me back. Hopefully it’ll be a kick in the pants to keep writing, I missed it. 🙂

  2. Hi – this is the first time on your blog so nice to meet you. Seems like you have a pretty realistic and healthy idea of motherhood and family life! Look forward to finding out more about you!

  3. It’s nice to meet you, Lorna. I’m glad I found you, I’ve started following you and I’m looking forward to learning more about you. I’m a special needs mom who advocates for members of the disability community to have more access and involvement in their communities.

    1. Hi Josh, I’ve been in Scotland 25 years next year. Not another country for me really. I just kinda have two. It gets interesting.

      1. My sister studied abroad in Scotland for one year, and she had many wonderful things to say about it. To me Scotland seems like a country that shares some similarities with the US, but is still very different.

        Do you identify more with Scotland than the US now?

  4. Thanks for following my blog! I’ve been married to the same man for five decades and he STILL annoys the shit out of me! You are a profile in courage, dear!

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