Coffee & Stuff

These are all full.  Not recent.  But full.

‘Isla’s still two…’

If we were having coffee, you’d say ‘WRONG!  She’s three.’

I’d say, screw you.  But you’re right.  She is three.  And I’m still tired from all the festivities.  

I’ve been really social these past couple weeks.  I went out of the house and everything.  And now I’m tired.  Too tired to take Isla to a show that included audience participation.  She went with her grandparents instead.

And I had plans.  Those plans included writing and drinking coffee and planning.  But let’s be real.  I just stared at a blank screen and thought about how the screen-staring wasn’t really an um, good use of time.

So, I had more coffee.  And a cookie.

Have a cookie.

I’m thinking of doing Camp NaNoWriMo this month.  And the Ultimate Blog Challenge.  Sleep is boring.

I am in the midst of setting up a newsletter to coincide with this here blog. (Different from the site email subscription box found on right sidebar.  Hi.)  Would like to use Mailchimp as there seem to be no fiery hoops to jump through when someone chooses to subscribe to your stuff. (I am against over-zealous CAPTCHA shite). But with Mailchimp you have to add your physical address, and I don’t have a PO box. Anyone have any pointers, or know of any alternatives?

If we were having coffee I’d tell you I have managed to plan ahead on some posts for this month.

Working Titles Include:

My Maybe Controversial Blogging Advice

Craft Stores Should Sell Booze

Stupid Shit I Tell My Husband Off For

Apparently, I Need A Vacation.

I’ll also be working on a few guest posts for some groovy people.

If we were having coffee, I’d ask you what else I should blog about this month?

And y’know, you can tell me.  That’s why I asked.


Go visit Nerd in the Brain for more weekendcoffeeshare posts.








14 thoughts on “Coffee & Stuff

  1. Hello, it is a pleasure to meet you. As for a Cookie it would be nice to have one. Think I will forget the diet today grab my son and make us cookies to celebrate my moms Birthday even though she is in Heave. I look forward to the upcoming post and will be back to visit soon.

  2. One sip of coffe wont harm, but if I have one cup i don’t sleep for two days… bearing that in mind I’d give her frothy milk with some brown froth from your coffee… a baby chino. You will have a cafine fre sleepy child and mre time to write I won Nano in 2014 the big November doozie. It took me every waking breathing second of that month to do it, i am pleased I did and learned such a lot, but would I do it twice? No it nearly killed me and I have The Husband who fetched and washed cooked and soothed. How the hell you do it with children housework and *gasp* a job I will never know. Thank you for following connecting is the best (pardon the purposeful pun… and the fabulouse alliteration ) 👋👋

    1. I only have one child, ha! And most of the housework is kinda innaccessible, so I have help, and one of those grabber things. And Neil’s pretty good at housework, too.

      1. Then good luck to you if you do it, I knew nothing about what pantzing was before and it taught me to write without thinking or planning, which was something I could easily get stuck in before. The freedom to have permission to not plan, revise or edit before The End was liberating. My work had authenticity, emotion and loads of editing and revising to do after but it was good. It changed or helped me find the voice needed in my work. So I hope it is as good for you. Happy Sunday p.s. can we pinch hubby’s bum with the grabby thing if so I’m getting one quick. *wink wink*

  3. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier 🙂 I’ve been doing a lot of screen staring myself! I hope the rest of the month goes better with Camp Nano!

  4. Morning. I’ve moved passed the screen gazing and on to the writing while doing all the marvelous things us mothers seem to achieve with our kids in those invisible minutes in-between typing on the keyboard. I’m working on expanding my blog topics and conjuring blog ides as well. Happy blogging!

    1. I like this idea if a weekly check-in thing. Fiction hasn’t happened much, still. But the blogging is there. How’s your week been?

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