25 Bookish Things About Me

  1.  I am a flippant reader.  As soon as I read about a book that intrigues me, I MUST READ IT RIGHT NOW.  This leads to lots of piles.  Of books in various stages of readedness.  If a book grips me enough not to read anything else along  with it, that’s a GOOD THING.
  2. I usually have several books on the go.  A day book, a night book, a car book.
  3. Day books happen on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  4. Audiobooks happen on road-trips.
  5. I have a thing for debut authors.
  6. I am a kindle convert.
  7. Netgalley.  Kinda obsessed.
  8. I have these notions that I will finish all the books in any given series.  It never happens in real life.
  9. Go-to genres are literary fiction, mystery/thrillers and lately YA.
  10. Before you ask, I hated Gone Girl.
  11. Auto-buys are Paul Auster, Alice Hoffman, Anne Tyler, and Dave Eggers.
  12. Dysfunctional families are my beloveds.
  13. I like legal/crime non-fiction.
  14. And funny memoirs.
  15. But I no longer have time for depressing-yet-ultimately-uplifting or triumphing over any sort of adversity.  Go away.
  16. I like books about books.
  17. I read longer books in the winter.
  18. My reading snacks are coffee and popcorn.
  19. I used to prefer paperbacks to hardbacks, but these days I don’t care.
  20. I hate book jackets.
  21. I miss my bookgroups and want to join another.
  22. My book cases are triple-stacked.  And changing things up is like shopping.

    New and old books.  A recent shelf re-shuffle means a longer TBR list.
  23. If I have it, you can borrow it.
  24. But if you interrupt me in the last 30 pages, I will actually cut you.
  25. And sometimes, I read the last page first.  This does not make me a heathen.

What are your bookish things?  What are you reading?  And what do you think I should read?




44 thoughts on “25 Bookish Things About Me

  1. 15 and 20 made me 🙂

    And I must do a list of my own. Once I take off the editor hat, anyway. Provided it’s not permanently attached to my hair by now. Long week.

  2. I loved Gone Girl but didn’t really enjoy Flynn’s other books. I prefer reading a paper book, but I love the Kindle app on my iPad for traveling and for walking on the treadmill. Oh, and I also don’t want to be interrupted in the last 30 pages of a book, but I probably won’t cut the interrupter. Well, I can’t make any promises. 😉

  3. Hello from former bookgroup! What’s the Kurkov in that picture? I have The Bickford Fuse in the queue but haven’t started it yet. Some of my bookish things are that a) I read multiple books at once, usually of different genres. b) now that I have a tablet with a kindle app, I also usually have an e-book on the go to add to the mix; c) when I see books I love at booksales or shops, I often feel compelled to buy them again, but am usually able to resist.

    Have you read Megan Abbott?

    1. The Milkman in The Night. Neil’s mad because there’s no penguins in it, though. Haven’t read Megan Abbot, yet. You Will Know Me is on the kindle, though. Have you read that one?

      1. I’m reading it just now, in paper form and liking it. Once it gets rolling, it’s quite tense. But of her books, I particularly like The End of Everything and the Fever.

        I’m a big Kurkov fan generally, penguins or not!

  4. Since I found e-books, hate to hold paper books. It’s really a lifesaver if I doze with an e-book because it knows where I was. I use my iPad, but almost always Kindle books. One at a time or I would be hopelessly lost, and cheap books from BookBub most often. That way if it doesn’t grab me quickly I can toss it. Taking me forever to read All the Light we Cannot See.

  5. I love the option for kindle books, but if I’m really into a book, I prefer to hold the actual book in my hand.. I love being able to download books right away, though.

    I also avoid really depressing books. I’ve avoided several that people have raved over, for that reason. I don’t know why I tuned into This is Us (TV show), when they promise that people will cry.

    I also tend to get in a pile of books, and then lose interest until they have to go back. I never used to be that way.

  6. #12 — Check out The Gypsy Moth Summer by (my former workshop instructor) Julia Fierro. Takes place in a fictional town in Long Island. (Not ultimately uplifting!)

    #16 — Total sucker for books about books. Did you read The Storied Life of AJ Fikry?

  7. I love your funny, smart list. Thanks for giving me a writing prompt for today that I really enjoyed. I did my own list and stole your title, natch! 😀

  8. Love your list! I liked Gone Girl up to a certain point and then I thought it got more ridiculous. By the end I was very angry!

    I, too, have piles of books waiting to be read. I’ll work my way through them eventually!

  9. Yay to popcorn as a suitable reading snack!! I’m an avid YA reader (and writer!!) and find it hard to read ‘grown up’ books sometimes. Although I do love a good horror or apocalyptic novel every now and then 😉

  10. I’ve usually got 3-4 books on the go- a nonfiction history or biography, a cozy mystery, a fiction, and whatever else strikes me. One of those is always an audiobook- I have a good length commute, and it makes the driving go faster. Depending on the day, my tastes can drastically change but I do seem to go through blips of one genre or another. (No science fiction for me!) My main book is a survey of Georgian England, and as a historian, I am loving it!! Also, I love this idea for a post, very cool 🙂

  11. OOH! Read All the Lights We Cannot See, if you haven’t already. Haley’s totally right about that. I just finished Looking for Alaska by John Green. I read it on a four hour flight cover to cover–so you’ll devour it before you finish your second cup of coffee. It’s YA because the protagonists are teens, but there’s some goodness there that every adult should probably tuck away and think about awhile. I also love your penchant for debut authors. That makes me hopeful that someday, when my novel is finally published, people like you will want to read it!

  12. I love this list. It could be mine, except #18 would be red wine and dark chocolate. I like to sip and savour my snacks while reading which is quite the opposite of how I like to read. That is full on devour 🙂

  13. Great list and I agree with so many of your points! I always have at least three books on the go, 2 on the kindle and one paperback. I missed reading for fun when I was doing my degree so I’m making up for it now!

  14. #20 I actually blurted out, “Right?!?! Aren’t they the worst?” I almost knocked over my water, flailing my arms.

    But then #23 had me shaking my head violently, because I do not loan books. Sorry. Nope. Other people don’t know how to read books properly, and they bend the spine or wrinkle the pages or get them wet… I thought I’d found a kindred spirit once, a friend who swore she agreed with me and hated it when people cracked the spines or bent pages, so I loaned her a paperback. The first thing she did? Curled the cover around the back of the book! Right in front of me! I don’t loan books anymore (except ebooks… because even if you read it in the bathtub I get my book back exactly as I last saw it). .

      1. I like the premise – that we are all creative because we all bear the image of the Creator, but I got quickly bored because the author repeats himself. Could use a once or twice over by a good editor. But you might like it. 🙂

  15. I normally have books placed in strategic places. Some placed on the nightstand for those last thirty minutes before going to sleep, some on the coffee table for easy access while lounging, and audio books for the long trips. I definitely prefer print books to electronic forms.

  16. I can relate to most of it. And although I haven’t read Gone Girl I really enjoyed the movie. I am more of a distracted reader, so yes, I take a lot of time getting comfortable before actually starting to read a book. I might stop in between to drink water or grab a snack or smell the book and inspect its binding and the texture of the pages. Also, just like you mentioned, I too have several books on the go. I am currently reading a play by Tennessee Williams, Sputnik Sweetheart by Murakami, and Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts. You should definitely try these books sometime.

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