An Alternate Universe

I used to know the difference between jealousy and envy, but I’ve lost track of which one is less painful.  The one that doesn’t eat you up.  The one you wouldn’t wish on anyone.

In an alternate universe, I got married to Neil wearing a purple dress.  Me, not him.

It was catered by my Nana, but she also had the best time.  My Grandma was there, too.  And she remembered everything.  In one photo, I was flanked by them, not unlike when we all went to Disney World.

The cake was my Grandpa’s apple pie.  My Poppy handed out cigars.

There’s another picture.  Neil and my Dad and my brother who looks like me.  Because a girl can dream.

‘Can you handle Mom and Dad, please?’

‘Naw, dude.  It’s your turn.’

‘I’ll flip you for it.’

In an alternate universe, teleporters exist.  Distance is nothing.  I’ll be there in five minutes.

We’d live by the water with an actual beach attached.  We’d have bonfires and collect beach glass.  We’d go to the movies and see three in one night.

Wine wouldn’t give me heartburn.  But I’d still like beer better.

Bookstores would have several floors.  And shopping carts.

We’d have neighbours we’ve known for years.  And socially-conscious jobs that we loved.  Because just not hating them is not enough.

I’d still wear glasses.  Because I like them.  And I still can’t imagine voluntarily poking myself in the eye.  The heart, maybe.  But not the eye.

I’d still be on wheels, but the world would be ramped.  And people wouldn’t be assholes.

Maybe I’d be a lawyer.  Maybe the world wouldn’t need them.

Everyone would appreciate country music. The Mets would win the World Series every year.

Pay it forward and give it back.

And who doesn’t like coffee?

I’d write my words, and go outside.  Everything would be open.

‘How my doing?’

‘You’re fine.  Keep going.’

This will always work.  In any Universe.

34 thoughts on “An Alternate Universe

  1. This is such a brilliant idea for a post and it’s fascinating to read what you would keep the same and what you would change. Do you see your specs and your chair as a vital part of your identity and who you essentially are? Loved this very much xx

  2. In an alternate universe I’d live in a lovely open plan small house, amongst some trees, and close to the beach. I’d have free time on weekends because my job wouldn’t use those up as well, and I’d get to read more books! I’m working my way towards this alternate universe v.e.r.y. slowly! Love your picture. (:

  3. At some point I hope there is really an alternate universe. I would love the idea that there would be no long distance so me and my husband will never be apart.

  4. This is a great post– it’s so honest and real. It doesn’t feel like you’re complaining, just contemplating, which I love. Everyone feels this way sometimes, and it’s nice to be able to write about it 🙂

  5. It is hard not to dream about the way life could be, especially if we could go back in time and change or correct mistakes. The people in the alternate universe probably dream about your life. Make the best out of what you have!

  6. In my dreams of an alternate universe, my family and I would be wealthy and healthy. We would have world peace and there would be no hunger, no homelessness, and live without fear. What a fun place to dream about.

  7. What a cool post! I found myself smiling all the way through. In an alternative universe, our pets would always be calm and peaceful, and live for (at least) fifty years x

  8. Sounds like a lovely alternate reality…. except for the Mets part. I am going to have to nix the Mets being champions every year. Although I would nix my team being champion every year because then I wouldn’t appreciate it when they were champions.

  9. We can always paint a lovely picture, one that we’ve always dreamed of. But what we get, the reality of life, that’s so much better too because that’s the part where we’re with our loved ones.

  10. An alternate universe my bf and I could be in the same place studying and working together. but for now we are working hard to get finish uni next year and start traveling around the world

  11. In an alternative universe, I’d like to be able to see personalities like a physical thing. I don’t know if that makes sense but if it does it would mean that people wouldn’t be judged by how they looked or dressed, but by who they really are and it would matter whether you were fat, skinny, pretty, ugly, coloured or white because people would be able to see the beauty that really matters, what is inside the person.

  12. I think envy is more harmful than jealousy. Envy causes you to do things that you may never think you would be able to do.

  13. Beautiful read! This >>> “Bookstores would have several floors. And shopping carts.” is my idea alternative universe in a nutshell lol! Love the family picture. It does work in all universes.

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