Overheard In My Kitchen

Isla:  Mum, you ran OVER my Bugles!

(We have graduated from Mummy/Mumma to plain Mum when she’s pissed at me.)

Me: I’m sorry, does that really um, grind your gears?

Isla:  What?

Me: Never mind.

Sometime later…

Isla:  I’m still hungry.

Me:  I’ll fix you a plate.  You better eat what I give you.  (Ham, grapes that I thought were olives, and raspberries.)

Me, again:  Isla, c’mere and get your deconstructed sandwich.

Isla:  That’s not a sandwich.

Me: Hence the word ‘deconstructed’.

P.S.  She ate a lot today.  Most of it was healthy.  Don’t write letters.


I found this on the internet.  It’s true.  And appropriate for this post.










More about my sandwich artistry can be found here.





6 thoughts on “Overheard In My Kitchen

  1. Ha ha, enjoyed.. As of now my kid doesn’t loves my culinary skills rather ask me to prepare some like what his school people does.. Hopefully it gets better;)

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