Coffee & a Visit

Hello!  How’s the week treated you?  I hope you’re all good, but even if you’re not, let’s put the world to rights.

If we were were having coffee show you my favourite picture from this week.


Isla decided my wheels needed redone.  I was very happy with them.

Some things:

If she says she’s experimenting, she doesn’t get in trouble.

She knows my favourite colour.

We have rolls of wallpaper for her painting experiments.  Next time this happens, I’m gonna drive all over that stuff.  Thanks for the nudge, Sally.

Yesterday, we took Isla to the park where I kindasortamaybe attempted to be social with people who don’t know my sense of humour.  Ask me how that worked.

After that, the plan was to find a bookshop and have lunch at our favourite seafood shack.  No parking and a depressing closed sign meant Isla got a nap in the car while we just circled around the island listening to Eric Bibb.

This was cool too, because, y’know, Neil and I actually talked.  Which is something we still like to do.  Bonus is when we’re road-tripping with music on, and not talking about kid stuff.  And I’m very proud of my city-boy husband who is comfortable enough with country driving that he can now y’know, drive and talk at the same time.

I thought I’d have a new secondhand book stack to show you today.  But, no such luck.

I actually think I have enough books to be getting on with just now.  Y’know, like the ones in my house and on my Kindle.  Which is also in my house.  Let’s have a silent reading party.  Wherever you are.

In related news, my Kindle is actually falling apart these days.  I didn’t know shit like that happened.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that we are kindasortamaybe planning our regularish trip to NY.  However.  We don’t have useful things like dates, yet.  So we can’t plan beverages/pizza/shenanigans, yet

Speaking of beverages, I would so have some with these groovy people wherever they are in the world.

Elsa, Nicole, Sally, Caitlin, Heather, Carol, Bella, Em, Suzie, Christine, Alice, Ritu, Tiffany, Melissa, MeriahLucy, Jackie, Juls, Josy and Emily . Go say hi!

And don’t forget to add your #weekendcoffeeshare post link over at Nerd in the Brain.

Oh, look, we’ve finished our coffee.  Want another one?

Lorna xox

P.S.  If we’ve ever had coffee in real-life, or want to.  And you don’t have a blog or haven’t updated it in yonks.  Please start one or start writing again.  So I can stalk visit you.










39 thoughts on “Coffee & a Visit

  1. I love weekend coffee share- it’s th e best way to get to know people 😊 I hate when you’ve got a plan in your head and you are so looking forward to something and suddenly it’s off the table!! I hope you get your bookstore trip, too!! (We always need more books….)

  2. I do like the Kindle party idea. I also have Kindle read me books aloud. I am dismayed to learn that it is possible for the Kindle to fall apart…i had planned a forever future with it. Thanks for coffee. Cheers!

    1. I can see a couple Strand visits. And we should meet up! Thanks for the link to that BEAUTIFUL place. Those first editions! Oz!

  3. Love coffee – actually drinking some now….also have a Kindle (make that 8 kindles – one in the bedroom, one in the living room, dining room, in my tote bag – glad they all sync… your sense of humor – just got back from a short road trip and planning to retire – to read, ride and rest more!

    1. 8 Kindles? You are kinda my new heroine, ha! Must admit, took me awhile to hop on the Kindle train, but now I love mine. Also still buy real books. But most of my active reading is on the Kindle when everyone else is asleep.

      Happy retirement!

  4. What a great idea for a post! Who doesn’t love coffee and catch up? Fortunately, it’s only my kindle case that’s falling apart at the seams – I’d be totally lost without my kindle! Have a great week x

    1. Working on the today’s. The thing with being here is that I’m up before most other posters. Another reason why I love all you BYUB bloggers is we’re mostly in the same timezone, ha! x

          1. I have never been to Scotland, despite being born and bred in the UK! How bad is that!!!! One day! But New York… Wow! I went to Washington, but New York is definitely on my bucket list!

  5. I’m ALWAYS up for a coffee and then we can commiserate over how we both kindasortamaybe tried to be social with people who don’t get our humor. You are not alone in that one!

  6. I almost SPIT OUT my coffee when I read about talking with people that don’t understand your sense of humor. My sister and I make fun of my mother because she has no radar for when someone gets her humor or when they think she’s just being a jerk – it’s hilarious! Great post, love a casual coffee chat! Enjoy your day!

    1. I generally find if people stare at me that bit too long that have no clue what I just said. I always say if you have to explain it, it’s not funny.

  7. I’ve been struggling to make a comment here. Thought i had, then it seems WordPress was messed up.

    Better late than never, I would LOVE to have coffee with you. I’m honored to be on your list, dear LKD! Some day, I think it would come to pass.

    1. With Ruth and Emily, maybe! Welcome here any time, but it isn’t Barcelona or Italy. But we could roadtrip to Edinburgh, too.

      1. I want to do the UK and I love out of the way places. My sister is traveling to Ireland — which I do know is not Scotland!– this summer. We could use a hit of the green isles ourselves.

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