This Is How They Get You

OK, so this actually just happened.

Isla:  I love you.  And your wheelchair.  You’re my wheelchair Mummy.  I don’t want another Mummy.  Mummy, are you sad?

Me: No.

Isla:  Why you crying?

Me: Because I’m happy.

Isla: What?

Me: Because I’m happy.

Isla: What?

Me: Because I love you very much.

Isla: Yeah, I love you, too.  Can I have an ice-lolly?





4 thoughts on “This Is How They Get You

  1. The way she’s standing there reminds me of Mouth from The Goonies. 😀

    Anya has been dealing with major jealousy issues surrounding my birthday. Which culminated in her pretty much hijacking my candle shopping and telling me what to buy. (And also telling me what just simply was. not. good. enough.) Candles, now. Things that you light on fire for 30 seconds, then toss aside. Then she threw a fit when we couldn’t find party hats, and a birthday crown for me — I mean she melted down in the party supply aisle of Walmart because she wasn’t getting what she wanted. I have been…tense…lately, and came thisclose to losing my ish. But I got it under control and instead asked her why it was so very important that I have a crown on my birthday.

    “Because you work so hard and are the best mommy ever and you deserve a crown. You deserve everything.”

    And this is how my kid made me cry in Walmart.

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