Mailbox Monday #1 (For Me)

My Dad came over this morning.  We had coffee and talked about life and books.  He says he can’t keep up with what I’m reading.  That I start to twitch if I don’t have a new book to read.  All.  The. Time.  That’s not true.  They don’t have to be new.  I like used books, too.

Last week, I received not one, but three secondhand books:

Six Stories, by Matt Wesolowski.  I originally bought the audio version (using an Audible credit).  I fould the podcast format hard to connect with, even though I LOVED Serial, etc. I got the paperback in a book swap group I’m part of on FB.  It was sent to me by the lovely Clair, who has a review of Six Stories on her blog Have Books, Will Read.

I also got Mischling, which intrigues me on lots of levels, but I’m not ready to read it yet.


I took part in my first Blind Date with a Book thing on Litsy.  I received Lost In Austen , and will be passing it on to a friend and Austen-obsessive when I’m finished.  I already have said friend in mind.  Don’t ask me for the book.  Maybe another one, but not this one.


Josy at A Walk and a Lark recently recommended that I read What Language Do I Dream In?  

I love when people tell me to read books, and Josy is pretty cool for someone you know, walks for fun.


This was my first Mailbox Monday.

How’d I do?

The books and a painted dinosaur.



9 thoughts on “Mailbox Monday #1 (For Me)

  1. Fun! I like how you tie in your dad and those who have recommended books. Very cute.
    As much as I love audios, there are times that I think certain books could be followed easier in print/ebook form. Six Stories sounds intriguing. Mishling looks like it might be a hard (emotional) read. I’ll be interested in your thoughts on your reading.
    I like the dinosaur too.
    I’m glad you linked up at MM. Happy Reading!

  2. Thanks for the mention!
    I meant to tell you…half our book club loved that book, and the other half hated it. It does ramble on a little, but I found that charming. I hope you like it anyway.

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