Isla Says

Isla: Mummy, fix this. (teeny tiny plastic toy)
Me: (Trying) See, Isla, this is the kind of stuff Mummy needs help with. Because this toy is a little piece of-…
Isla: PLASTIC, Mummy.
Me: Yes, dearest. Plastic.


(Welcome to the new thing where I share the funny stuff my kid says.  Hi.)


One thought on “Isla Says

  1. I love this! At one time, I plastered my Facebook wall with funny things my kid said or did and interesting situations involving his relationship with school. I’m sure my Facebook friends were tired of hearing my stories (although they used to ask for more stories when too much time lapsed between posts!) but I wanted to keep up with his childhood memories. Now, I have an arsenal – oops! – I mean a treasure trove of stories from his childhood to be used against – uhm – I mean, shared with him for years to come. 🙂

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