Overheard In My Kitchen

Isla:  Mum, you ran OVER my Bugles! (We have graduated from Mummy/Mumma to plain Mum when she's pissed at me.) Me: I'm sorry, does that really um, grind your gears? Isla:  What? Me: Never mind. Sometime later... Isla:  I'm still hungry. Me:  I'll fix you a plate.  You better eat what I give you.  (Ham, … Continue reading Overheard In My Kitchen


Coffee & a Visit

Hello!  How's the week treated you?  I hope you're all good, but even if you're not, let's put the world to rights. If we were were having coffee show you my favourite picture from this week. Isla decided my wheels needed redone.  I was very happy with them. Some things: If she says she's experimenting, … Continue reading Coffee & a Visit

Book Lover’s Tag Thing

Saw this on  Ritu's  blog.  Thought I'd play. Do you have a specific place for reading? These days I mostly read in bed, late into the night.  Weekend reading is outside with Isla, on her trampoline.  She is, I'm not. Bookmarks or random pieces of paper? Train tickets.  And no dog-eared pages. Can you just … Continue reading Book Lover’s Tag Thing

Coffee & Questions

I've been blogging for a long time and you might have noticed I've been trying to be more consistent with it. Since I've come off my various hiatuses, I'm curious about why you've stuck with me, and other good stuff about you, my groovy readers. If you would be so groovy, and answer these questions, … Continue reading Coffee & Questions

A Damn Fine Cup of Coffee

If we were having coffee and ask you how your week's been treating you? I'd tell you I looked in the mirror this week, and it's actually dawned on me that I'm actually 36.  My kid is nearly 3.  Next month, Neil and I are married four years.  Seems longer.  And not long enough. Did … Continue reading A Damn Fine Cup of Coffee

This Is How They Get You

OK, so this actually just happened. Isla:  I love you.  And your wheelchair.  You're my wheelchair Mummy.  I don't want another Mummy.  Mummy, are you sad? Me: No. Isla:  Why you crying? Me: Because I'm happy. Isla: What? Me: Because I'm happy. Isla: What? Me: Because I love you very much. Isla: Yeah, I love … Continue reading This Is How They Get You