Coffee Talk & Blogging Goals

If we were having coffee, you couldn’t help but notice that we’ve blown all the fuses.  Isla is running around going, ‘My house is dark.  It ran out of batteries!’

Five minutes ago, we were watching Alice in Wonderland.  Now, Isla’s face is lit by my phone screen.  No, I can’t buy you that Lego set.  And please don’t post that egg video on Facebook.

In other news, what music do you listen to while taking down the Christmas tree?  Isla went into the living room this week and yelled, ‘Someone stole the Christmas tree!’  Yes, well, until next year.

I finished reading my third book of the year this morning (Red Queen, Victoria Aveyard) and my first read for this list.

While we’re here more bookish things:

I told Goodreads I’ll be reading 50 books, or more, this year.

And for every finished book, I’ll be putting a buck in Isla’s Swear Jar  my book jar.

If we were having coffee, I’d mention that I might be shifting the focus of this here blog, or getting back to writing and not just talking about it.

I’ve looked back on my posts, and my personal notebooks from this year and I’ve written a lot about not writing a lot.

And Neil recently mentioned that I haven’t written any fiction since we’ve been together.

So, there’s that.  Might really get back to writing a story a week.

And I might want to write even more about being a disabled mother, and a mother and  a third-culture kid who grew up to live on an island off another island, in a house that keeps blowing fuses.


If we were having coffee I’d ask: What are your writing plans this year, or this week?

And: What would you like to read more of on this blog?

My current read with Isla’s latest art.

8 thoughts on “Coffee Talk & Blogging Goals

  1. I love Isla. I think she and Anya would get along famously.

    I am trying to get back into weekday blogging. And if I have time left over, I will write down the couple of chapters I have bouncing around in my head.

    I am good with whatever you feel like blogging. I just enjoy hearing how someone else’s day is going. Facebook used to be good for that, but now…not so much.

  2. I really am loving that most of the coffee shares this week are about writing more. I made a promise to myself to blog more consistently this year. I’m going back to the things that made me happy when I first started blogging and wasn’t stressing about SEO and all that other stuff.

    My plan is to start small and write often.

  3. If you haven’t written fiction since you and Neil got together, don’t feel pressured to cook up a story a week. That’s a lot. Start. Make it a goal to start.You don’t have to go from 0 to 60 in 4.2 seconds.

    LOVE the idea of the book jar!

  4. Looking forward to your sharing about your reads. I’m on the reading challenge myself for 30 books this year. I started with a John Grisham that’s been sitting on my shelf for months. I thought I wanted to start doing some flash fiction myself this year but I’m not really sure. 🙂 Have a great week.

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