The One Where Scenery Happens

These photos were taken by Neil, while I sat and ate cake from the Blue Shed Cafe.







And this is the sunset.  From our house.  On a Tuesday.



What’s the view from your house?
















8 thoughts on “The One Where Scenery Happens

  1. Not that. But I have trimmed bushes now, and the landscaper has (temporarily, at least) beaten the kudzu into submission. That’s what passes for scenery around here — kudzu. Scenic or no, though, I refuse to allow it to swallow my house.

    1. We have roses and flowers with longer names out the windows now. Pretty, but green thumb I have not. I have been wondering if koi ponds are still a thing. Is that terrible?

      1. I, too, lack the skills to nurture plants — as evidenced by the dead ones on my porch. I don’t know if koi ponds are still a thing, but I can tell you there is one in my future; R is obsessed with them.

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