I Need A Break From My Phone


I’m looking to take photos without my phone and need suggestions on digital SLR cameras.  Want to learn and do more with my photography.

Camera must be chunky for my spaz hands.  And I could use auto-stabilise.  And point-and-click.  Any thoughts?

Will mainly be used for toddlers in the wild.  And for epic scenery.

Thanks in advance.  Longer posts coming soon.

More of this.




4 thoughts on “I Need A Break From My Phone

  1. Part of it depend on how much you want to spend. The Cannon powershot line (Amazon lists a SX410 at $179) is great and on the lower cost side. Perfectly good for photographing wild toddlers. If you want a bit more control and want to be able to use different lenses, then the more expensive Rebel T5 line is what you want.

    Honestly, Cannon is the only camera I’ve ever liked.

    1. My first camera was a Nikon/Minolta/whatever DiMage. Found it really shaky/touchy/shit. Gave it to a friend who has since bought something else.

      Since this is my second kit, and I might want to do something with the photos, I am looking at the Rebel T5. That’s the one that drew me, even before you mentioned it!

      And so, thanks.

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