Dear Competition Judges

I'm writing to explain why I did not submit my story for your esteemed competition. It's because I suck.  And because I have a toddler.  And because the story has only one line. 'Whose idea was this?' Well, mine. And I was very excited about it.  Until the week I had to write the story … Continue reading Dear Competition Judges


Comedy Is Hard

And so, I just got my assignment for NYC Midnight's Short Story Challenge.  And we have: Comedy. Cooking Show. Paramedic. Apparently. I've been waiting impatiently for these writing orders. Our internet connection is rather slow up here. And then there's that annoying time-zone issue, so the assignments were out a bunch of hours before I … Continue reading Comedy Is Hard

The Bookshelves Are Concerned

Before I moved in with Neil, I lived in six apartments over five years. Several of my landlords used my rent to pay for ski trips instead of their mortgages. Because that's a thing. Anyway, there was legal stuff that had nothing to do with me. Except I had to move a lot, and with … Continue reading The Bookshelves Are Concerned

Goals For 2016

Part of the re-vamp of this blog will be me participating more regularly in memes, blog-hops and other social blogging projects that I like/make sense to me/want to share with others. One of those such things is Top Ten Tuesday from The Broke and The Bookish. Today's list is Resolutions for 2016. I prefer the … Continue reading Goals For 2016

And So, To Start. Again.

I've decided I'm still a writer.  I need to write more, but I'm still a writer. I have lots of notebooks.  Some are even full. I also have a husband whose nicknames don't stick, and a daughter who has too many. I have CP and a sporty wheelchair which I love, even if my post-baby … Continue reading And So, To Start. Again.