Paving The Way

And so, I don’t have any excuses for not writing. Except maybe too much furniture blocking the computer.  And a toddler.

But those are really bad excuses.

Because there’s also notebooks. And coffee. And pens. And OK, maybe the pens don’t work. But there’s crayons. Because there’s a toddler.

Anyway. The last day of the year makes you think. Mostly about what you’ve done with the other 364 days.

There’s been a lot of clapping. And crying. And laughing. And being generally amazed by my kid. There’s also the time I said, ‘Isla, please don’t put Mama’s Spanx in the toilet.’ But I only had to say that once.

There hasn’t been a lot of writing.

There’s been moving. And meeting new people. Unpacking boxes. And introducing Isla to the joy of bubble-wrap.

I even found myself using an orange as a stress-ball. But that only happened once.

There’s been lots of hotels. And a few hurricanes. And even more hugs. And while we’re here, I haven’t been very impressed with this season of Homeland.

And I could have been writing. About the time we got caught in a blizzard. Or the time Isla tried to wipe off one of my scars.

Or that time we bought a house.

We’ll be moving into that house, our new home, in 2016.

There will be more boxes. And bubble-wrap. Less furniture. More space. Lots of love. And books.

And I’ll write all about it. For Isla. For me. For everything.

Please stay tuned. And Happy 2016, when it comes.


Isla leading me, happily, into 2016.



Sharing Is Caring

And so.  Happy 18 months to my sweet, funny, already-geeky girl, Isla Madelyn.

This afternoon, I found myself sitting with a bag of ice on my foot.  The kid throws a mean sippy-cup.  And then she came up and stole a piece of ice for her teeth. Sharing is caring.

Here she is inspecting some of her Christmas haul.


Complete with Christmas penguin deely-boopers.

And here she is decorating her Daddy’s beard.


Hope you’ve all had a great few days, or months.

Here’s to more words in 2016.  Maybe even tomorrow.

Lorna xox