A New View

And so, I’m sitting in the office.  My desk is somewhere between Isla’s crib and one of the bookcases.  I kinda like that.  Symbolism.  Or something.

We moved up here with more than 17 boxes of books.  Yesterday was spent emptying them into the bookcases.

In the old flat, I knew them so well, I almost didn’t see them.  Favourites and doorstops, old schoolbooks I can’t part with.

Those have been moved to the loft.

What I’m looking at now are books I’ve dipped into and others I haven’t started.  There’s also some notebooks, a rolled up penguin poster, our wedding invitation, and one of those colouring books for adults.  Which I haven’t started.

Yet.  And for someone who has essentially moved back in with her parents, with her husband and their one year-old, in the same week as PMS, I’m surprised I haven’t had to break out my new coloured pencils.  Y’know, to etch bad words on my desk. I mean, to colour.

In other news, we have local library cards.  Like I have any business reading a book that isn’t in this house already.  But we have library cards.  Because I don’t feel at home anywhere until I can go somewhere and get free books with clear covers on their covers.

We left the building with a book on stargazing, because we can do that now.  Also two books for me and one for Isla.  She got a sticker, too.  I might have put the sticker on her forehead as we walked to the car.  Because that’s the kind of mother I am.

Isla seems to like me.  This morning, she head-butted me.  That’s how she shows appreciation.  Next week, we’ll work on blowing kisses.

And I’ll be working on sitting at this desk, looking out that window, writing more words.  And perhaps colouring.

The bird on the window is a decal. My timing is good, but not that good.
The bird on the window is a decal. My timing is good, but not that good.


And so, the bookcases are up and my desk has my computer on it.  And I have a library card.  After a move, what finally makes you feel at home?


9 thoughts on “A New View

    1. I know what you mean. I’ve moved so much that I settle in quickly, but I’m already nostalgic for the flat above the bus-stop.

      In related news, who’s still in GBBO?

  1. Not sure. This house still doesn’t feel like home after four years, not like my old apartment. Perhaps because it’s falling apart and I can’t afford to fix it and my landlord doesn’t care. I want it to feel like home, because it is home to my kids. But it is not, not yet.

  2. I attended the Brooklyn Book Festival today… and bought 3 books. I have no business buying any books — my shelves are over capacity as it is. Maybe these books will one day line the shelves of my bookstore. 🙂

    1. I love book fests! The Skye Book Festival was on a week before we moved up, but we took Isla to her first Edinburgh Book Festival this year. No events this time, but we did have our book-group there, and spent some time in the bookshop tent.

      Yep, that my plan as well. I keep saying my book-hoarding is good for the shop, haha.

      What books did you get?

      1. I picked up H Is for Hawk, The Martian, and The Little Paris Bookshop (!). Have you read any of those?
        I nearly bought Fates and Furies, which is getting great reviews, but I had to stop!

        1. Neil has Hawk, so I’ll read it at some point, Paris Bookshop is on my Wish List and I swithered on Martian over the weekend. Let me know what you think.

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