Fresh Ink

Hi, my name’s (still, always) Lorna.  I used to write here.  And then I posted a bunch of photos of my kid.  Just so you’re not disappointed, here is a recent favourite:


I made that.  Her name’s (still, always) Isla. She is now a year old.  She likes to eat watermelon and wet-wipes.

She likes to read.  When she rips the pages from my library books, I trade her for something she can destroy.  Like the phone-bill.

She likes to dance, and she laughs at me when I sing.

Her first shoes are purple.  And last Saturday, she ran to her Daddy in bare feet.

Sometimes, she sleeps.  And I like to watch her when she does.  It’s allowed, I’m her mother.

In other news, the three of us are moving to Skye.  Isla and I heading up this Sunday so Neil can pack the rest of the flat without vehicles in the way. My thoughts about leaving Edinburgh change every five minutes, but I’m looking forward to being back on the right side of the Highland line.

We’ll be sharing a house, a giant garden and a trampoline with my Dad and Anne.

We’ll be trading our living-room view of the bus-stop for, well, something better than buses.

We’re trading in the market downstairs and (trying to) grow our own food and brew our own beer.

As for me, I plan to write more, seriously.

Let’s start with a story.

Isla’s a pretty good sleeper.  So, Neil and I still, y’know, talk.

A few nights ago, he says, ‘I hope you write more in Skye.  Stuff that isn’t the blog.’

‘More?  I still write.  Remember that thing with the thing…?’

And I think back to something I printed out three years ago.  Shit.  I mean it wasn’t that bad, but yeah.  It happened three years ago.

And so, I’ll be writing more in Skye.  And blogging more.  About living up there with my husband, my kid and some parental units.  There’ll be beer.  And Poker.

And fresh ink in the printer.






7 thoughts on “Fresh Ink

  1. You’re back! Have fun living on Skye. I was just up in Scotland the last few days, but not there (I was in Aberdeen) — I’ve never visited, and would like to.

    *sends lots of writing inspiration and encouragement*

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