Between Feeds: Yer Phone’s Ringin’.

Welcome to a new blogging series/thing/just because I miss you people where I share snippits of life that happens between feeding Isla and well, feeding Isla.

I should preface this one by mentioning that the only people who call our house phone are my parents, my husband-when-he-isn’t-in-the-house, and those annoying recordings-trying-to-sell-double-glazing-to-people-who-rent.

And so, this morning, I get a call on the house phone.  From my not-so-old midwife.  About a baby group.

I may have ended the call with ‘Iloveyou, thanks.’ On autopilot, with baby brain, holding the wrong phone and thinking of other people. 

And then this happened:

Neil: Did you just say ‘I love you.’?

Me: No. ‘Aye, lovely.’

Neil: No, you just told her you loved her.

Me: Did not.

Neil: Did, too.

Me:  Did I?

Neil: You did.

Me: Oh, well.  She already thinks I’m weird.


2 thoughts on “Between Feeds: Yer Phone’s Ringin’.

  1. She’s a midwife. She would not think you were weird.i think the first person who suggested an activity outside my home that involved other people mired in the same exhaustion I was got an “I love you,” too.

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