Mama Reads: Tigers In Red Weather

I must be feeling better. Started reading again, in between not entirely impolite requests for boob juice. For our anniversary, Neil got me a subscription to The Willoughby Book Club.

I do believe he wrote and told them ‘my wife enjoys books that include gin and dysfunctional families.’ Bam!

Tigers In Red Weather

Kudos to the company for sending me a book I don’t already own and for sending Isla a story book!

What are you reading these days?

8 responses to “Mama Reads: Tigers In Red Weather

  1. I’m reading: Very British Problems: making life awkward for ourselves one rainy day at a time, by Rob Temple. I think he nails it! more info here

  2. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn ~ So far, so good :)

  3. Just finished A Poets Guide To Britain, very good anthology.


  4. Just finished “A Thread of Grace” by Mary Doria Russell today, and it was excellent.

  5. What could be a better combo than gin and dysfunction. Enjoy the book and feel free to come by and check out my recommendations.

  6. I’m reading very little. Struggling through “The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet” but it’s deceptively long (the pages are tall, I think that’s what it is). Getting distracted by graphic novels because they’re easier.

  7. I’ve gone on an HP Lovecraft kick and I’m trying to find all sorts of old short horror stories I read in High School. Like Harlan Ellis’s I Have No Mouth an d I Must Scream.

  8. I thought I was getting presents today but they were all for you! :(

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