Let’s Go To The Videotape!

You might want to get some popcorn.

Here are the highlights from our wedding video:


by Adam at Inspire Video.

And I would marry Neil every day.



14 thoughts on “Let’s Go To The Videotape!

  1. My computer quit playing videos a while ago, but it played this one. And I am so glad. You guys are flippin’ adorable. Your video made me cry. Congratulations!

    And what was in the bucket?

  2. this was absolutely incredibly BEAUTIFUL….the music and the pictures complimented each other wonderfully….May You both be Blessed with a long and happy marriage.

  3. Lovely! Thank you for sharing this snippet of your special day. I loved the ending with you and Neil dancing.

    Did you have books as guest giveaways? How could I not have known that?! Any one particular title?

  4. When do I get the whole CD?!


    “Mozart’s music was always there. It was part of the inner beauty of the universe, simply waiting to be revealed.”

    Albert Einstein

  5. Beautiful and moving video, Lorna. And truly inspirational. I’ve a confession to make. My man and I are talking the “M” word and neither one of us is very big on ceremony and the pomp and circumstance of the wedding. However, after seeing your video I have quite a different outlook. It was truly intimate and joyous and how wonderful for all your closest friends and family to be there. I’m forward this to him and maybe he’ll feel differently, too!

  6. Your wedding video was beautiful!! Congrats to you both. My daughter is getting married in a few months time and I’m starting to get very excited. Thanks for sharing.

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