Reader, I Married Him.

And so, this happened:

My husband is the one on the right.  ;)
My husband is the one on the right. 😉


Still trying to find words for the last few weeks.  There will be a bunch of them.  And they still won’t be enough to cover it.

For now, I want to share proof of our Double Docs wedding.

(Thanks to The Invisible Man, and our friend Dan, for the photo.)

And what did you do on June 15th?













43 thoughts on “Reader, I Married Him.

  1. Excellent return to form. I have missed your posts. I’ve had two enormously proud tae burstin’ days in my life (so far) and you were at the heart of both of them, my dearest Dearie. I salute you, Sarge.

  2. Congratulations! Both the Picture of you and your Dad and you and Sarge are wonderful….May God bless you with many happy years!

  3. Congratulations! On June 15th I was at Beaulieu at a car show (my husband was showing his car). Bet your wedding was a lot more fun. You look great, I love the bouquet and you husband looks dashing!

  4. June 15th? Oh I was just at this AMAZING wedding!!! 🙂 Loads of love to you both, it was a wonderful day and I may have been guilty of shedding a tear or three during the ceremony! Xxxxxxxxx

  5. The past several months have been a blur. I *did* think of you on June 15 and sent happy, congratulatory, best wishes vibes across the Pond. What a lovely wedding photo!

  6. Absolutely fantastic! You lit up my whole being with a smile–appearing over at my blog and leading me here to this lovely post. Congratulations to both of you, and may you revel in every day together!

  7. sighh…the happiest of couples – and love the purple theme. Yes, I’ve been away too long…but hopefully, will have some happy news of my own soon 🙂

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