The One With Sarge’s Name In It

And so, I’m sitting here listening to the wedding mix.

I’ve stopped watching wedding shows and started eating again.  Mostly Tic-Tacs.  For nostalgic reasons.  And because I know I should eat, but I’m not actually hungry.

I’m still writing emails.  And my mother arrives on Monday.

And then Sarge and I get married on the 15th.  Think of us.

While I’m away, I shall leave you in the capable words of Elsa from Feminist Sonar, Susan from Adventures in Low Vision, and Madame Weebles.  There may even be a visit from the penguins at Becoming Cliche.

Thanks to those people for the guest-posts and to Sarge for still wanting to marry me.

Now.  I’ll come back with longer stories, and a less pithy About page.  And possibly an FAQ.

Included on that will be:

Q.  Is Sarge’s name actually Sarge?

A.  No.  It’s Neil.  (1,2, 3…Hello, Neil.)

If you knew that already, that means we like you, we really like you.  And now we like you all.

Neil and Lorna

That was us at the last wedding we attended.  I bought a new dress for the next one.

Now playing:  This song.  Which happens to be the first one I sent to Neil, from my computer to his.


18 thoughts on “The One With Sarge’s Name In It

  1. The closer it gets, the sadder I am that I can’t be there. I hope you both feel my hugs and tears of happiness on your oh-so-special day. Xoxoxo

  2. Not going to be there, because I only know you from your blog, but wishing you a wonderful, wonderful day. And a great honeymoon. Looking forward to hearing (almost) all about it when you return. Sarge looks lovely…

  3. Wonderful song….wishing you both only the best of everything…You are an adorable couple….thanks for sharing all you do!

  4. Look at the two of you! So sweet! And he’s WEARING A KILT!!! You found yourself a good’un there, Lorna. Here’s to you (raising coffee cup here because it’s still morning).

  5. I’ll definitely be thinking of you guys on the 15th (and your sanity for the days leading up!) Congrats to both of you!!!

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