Guest Post: Stop and Go

Guest post by Susan from Adventures in Low Vision After work, I ride the bus to my husband's office. I enjoy the camaraderie of a shared ride in rush hour despite the lack of air conditioning in the summer. I like the arrivals and departures, sensing the mood of the day in my twenty-minute travel. … Continue reading Guest Post: Stop and Go


Guest Post: Honeymoon In Edinburgh

Guest post by Elsa at Feminist Sonar. It has been a year since I was in Edinburgh and I miss it. It's a beautiful city, and possibly the favorite one my husband and I visited on our honeymoon? And why? Because of the people. In one evening at a pub, we made friends with locals. … Continue reading Guest Post: Honeymoon In Edinburgh

The One With Sarge’s Name In It

And so, I'm sitting here listening to the wedding mix. I've stopped watching wedding shows and started eating again.  Mostly Tic-Tacs.  For nostalgic reasons.  And because I know I should eat, but I'm not actually hungry. I'm still writing emails.  And my mother arrives on Monday. And then Sarge and I get married on the … Continue reading The One With Sarge’s Name In It

A Love Letter To Pepto-Bismol

Dearest Pepto, Thank you. You're lovely. We first met when I barfed at the very top of a moving Ferris wheel. I lost a friend and corn-dog that night. But you were there, in all your pink splendour. I don't like pink as a colour, but I can certainly drink it. Fast-forward to yesterday. All … Continue reading A Love Letter To Pepto-Bismol