Thinking Outside The Blog

Confession time. When I started this blog, I was angry. Angry about uneven pavements that may or may not have dog-shit on them. Angry about inaccessible buildings and accessible toilets being used as storage cupboards.  Because, if you keep a damn fridge in there, it becomes  inaccessible. Angry about being called a ‘wheelchair’ on the bus, and always having to say: There’s a person in it, too.

I wanted to write about all of that, and my boyfriend and my cat.

I wanted to write about the frustrations and the fun times and connect with people who could relate on any level. I also apparently wanted to post photos of coffee.

I wanted to write stuff and always know where it was. I also have pages in filing cabinets, and purple notebooks and green notebooks and teal notebooks. I have five different novels on three different computers. I have lines on receipts and envelopes. The blog is less dusty. But maybe no less coffee-stained.

I blogged when I got engaged, and when I gave my cat to my friend. I blogged when my Dad got cancer.

I still wanted to connect with people, and now we have more levels to choose from (!)

I’m not the pissed off person who started this blog. Sure, I’d like uneven pavements evened out, I don’t want to have to drag out a mop and bucket to pee. Although, that might be useful if there’s no accessible toilet at all.

I’m still referred to as a ‘wheelchair’ on the bus, but the person using  it has places to go. Sometimes, to work. Lately, to wedding dress fittings. Could be worse.

Which brings me to something new I’ve been thinking about for the blog. Guest posts. There will be a blogging hiatus happening while I get married and honeymooned. This I promised myself. And Sarge.

When I get back, and possibly while I’m away, I’ll be looking for guest posts from:

Disabled people who see the funny side of living with a disability.

Parents raising their disabled children to be adults who see the funny side of living with a disability.

Disabled parents (allow me to project a little.)

PS. Blogging hiatus will be from June 8th to July 1. I’ll come back married with more stories, including travel journals of Bruges and Barcelona. And a wedding post. Or two. Of course.

PPS. While I love real stories, I’m not into sharing inspiration porn.

3. Email creativeconnection(at) if you’re interested in writing a post for Gin & Lemonade.



Post idea from: my brain and The Daily Post.


18 thoughts on “Thinking Outside The Blog

  1. Thank you for all the links in this post. I had never read about inspirational porn before and I loved the article. I had also never seen your engagement story, and I’m glad I did so now I can say: enjoy your wedding and the first days of a wonderful marriage!

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