Wedding-Planning Is An Endurance Test

Just when you think you’ve gotten through your to-do list, there’s another list. And damn if there isn’t more to do on it.

People say that marriage is a marathon and not a sprint. I believe that. I’ve also started to think of wedding-panning as a test of endurance. To get you ready for the marathon. Last week, I failed that test.

But I got a lot of reading done. In bed. While drinking coffee and pretending I was 12. The 12 year-old me was home sick from school with a cold, but without a wedding to plan.

She didn’t care about cake-toppers or declines. Because really, those declines are like ripping band-aids off, and who wants to do that?

Unless you’re 32. And planning a wedding. And it’s courtesy for other people to tell you they can’t make it. You get to the point where you don’t want to look at the postcards that come through the door. Your heart leaps with a yes, and the same heart is ripped out with a no.

And then you eat a pint of Ben & Jerry’s.

These are just some of the questions I asked Sarge last week: Did we tell the cake people I hate marzipan? Did we thank them for the gift? Wanna elope? Do we have any beer?

That’s where we are. But at least I’m sharing my Ben & Jerry’s. My Maid of Honour got some on Tuesday when she came over and asked if there was anything left to do.

‘Get married,’ I said.

And so, to use another metaphor, as we enter the final stretch I’m visualising the look on Sarge’s face when I get down the aisle. Because at that moment there won’t be any guests, or cake. There will be butterflies. And some penguins. That’s what matters. That’s what I’m looking forward to, the official stuff. The real stuff.

That, and the honeymoon. Because, y’know, ‘book honeymoon’ has been checked off the to-do list.

That’s a big one. Any couple that still wants to get married after planning a wedding deserves a honeymoon.

Bruges and Barcelona, here we come!

Dues cerveses, si us plau…

Does it look like there are 53 flowers in this box? I’m afraid to count them. I hope I can cross flowers off the list now, too.

22 thoughts on “Wedding-Planning Is An Endurance Test

  1. Oh boy. When is the big day? My fiance and I are having a supremely small ceremony (10 people) and I’m going out of my mind – I can’t imagine full on wedding planning! Here’s to saving your sanity and not sharing B&J!

  2. Dimple you are just about there now, and yes I will be there ,card is on the return journey to you as I write this.
    So looking forward to seeing you going down the aisle, though will probably not see much through the tears ( of joy , may I add ! ) xx

  3. Almost there, and then you can say that you PLANNED A WEDDING and that nothing fell apart. Just don’t forget to eat on your wedding day, because seriously, most people forget. Enjoy the home stretch!!

  4. Feeling horribly rude for not sending back your invitation. We had hoped to join you, but finances…It will be a glorious day and well worth all the effort to make it fun for everyone.

    1. Should have added a PS that this wasn’t directed at anyone! We will miss you. The next time we meet, Neil and I’ll be married. That’ll be a happy gin!

  5. Good luck with the whole thing — hope you get through the planning okay! Sounds like you’re going the right way about it: Ben and Jerry’s is ALWAYS the right way.

  6. Well, next to the day I held your 3lb 12oz frame in the hollow of my left hand with the Dixie cup taped tae yer heid tae keep ye fae tearin’ oot yer IV 10 minutes after you were born when the Dallas Premi Nurse said, “Well Dad, you may as well get started now since you’ll be doing a lot of this from now on” The 15th of June 2013 will be the proudest and most glorious day of my life so far. The next one will be when the wee penguins and butterflies begin arriving on the scene, if we are all so blessed.

  7. You’re on the home stretch now. Hope you have the wedding shoes crossed off the list. 🙂
    Also, Barcelona and Bruges sounds like a wonderful honeymoon. Hope you’ll write up a post about your trip.

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