Appearing Elsewhere: The Outlier Collective

And so, I’ve posted on The Outlier Collective about banned books.  Apparently.

It’s not my best work.  I may have said as much to Madame Weebles.  I used other words to convey this message.  Of course.

It’s basically me going:  Banning books is bad,  mnkay?  Don’t dooo it.  (Unless it’s The DaVinci Code.)

However.  There are a few choice lines.  Go see if you can figure out what they are.  I’ll wait.

I thought I’d share a list of reasons I could not get beyond: The DaVinci Code is teh sux.  I  didn’t actually say that.  But it is a completely valid argument.

Anyway, for last week at least, this is why I’ve lost the power of blog:

Reason, GIANT:  It’s been Wedding-Planning Central around here recently.  More on that soon.  Or is that moron?

Reason, Medium: I’ve actually been concentrating on non-blog lines and new ventures.

Reason, OK, well.  That, too:  I wrote the post in two sittings, which I’ve found is never a good idea. Stay in the seat.  Even when you don’t want to.  Write through the bullshit, people.


3 thoughts on “Appearing Elsewhere: The Outlier Collective

  1. Lorna,
    I did enjoy your post, and I like to think that I have pretty great taste when it comes to blogger, and their craft. Oh. And. Thank you for making an appearance on our new blog. Until next time…
    Le Clown

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