Appearing Elsewhere: The Outlier Collective

And so, I've posted on The Outlier Collective about banned books.  Apparently. It's not my best work.  I may have said as much to Madame Weebles.  I used other words to convey this message.  Of course. It's basically me going:  Banning books is bad,  mnkay?  Don't dooo it.  (Unless it's The DaVinci Code.) However.  There are … Continue reading Appearing Elsewhere: The Outlier Collective


10 Things You Can Do In The Dark

Let's say there's a power-cut.  In the middle of the day.  This day is particularly overcast and spooky, with little or no natural light.  You know, like April.  You are either home from work or you don't have a job outside of that home.  The point is, apparently, you don't have any juice inside it, … Continue reading 10 Things You Can Do In The Dark

Thinking Outside The Shoes

And so, I've kinda spent all day looking for wedding shoes. It's no secret that my original 'bridal vision' involved Doc Martens. I got one of those visions after I figured out what exactly a bridal vision was, and I'm still not really sure. Anyway, wedding Docs. Problem is, I don't really like white. Or … Continue reading Thinking Outside The Shoes

I Hate Myself And I Want To Read

I was breaking out in hives. Shaking. Clawing at my skin. 'What the hell is this?' I said to Sarge. 'Red splotches. On my neck. Should I do this? I think I'm gonna be sick. Hold my hand.' And then I grabbed his hand. Maybe broke his fingers. A little. No, I was not peeing … Continue reading I Hate Myself And I Want To Read

My Island Diaries: Armadale, Skye

Are We There Yet? I can't say much about my third hair and make-up trial. Because y'know, my future husband reads this blog. But I will say: Jackpot! He's a lucky man. After I slapped myself in the face with make-up remover, I let him back in the living-room. We were waiting to go to … Continue reading My Island Diaries: Armadale, Skye