My Dad Needs A Blog

I've been trying to get my Dad to start a blog for awhile now.  Or at least guest-post on here. Dad needs to blog for lots of reasons.  The main one being, dude is too verbose for Facebook.  Today, he posted this: 32 years ago today - 31.03.81 @ 12:50 local time in Dallas, Texas - … Continue reading My Dad Needs A Blog


One Sentence Book Reviews

Or, book reviews that are one sentence.  Or one line, depending on your definition of 'sentence'.  Work with me. Chicken With Plums - I fell asleep in the middle, and woke up by the end. Death at La Fenice - The start of my new favourite series. The Fault in Our Stars - I might have … Continue reading One Sentence Book Reviews

The Great Hyphenation

Yesterday marked 99 days until Sarge and I get married. Not long after I realised we are down to double-digits, I shared the countdown on Facebook, and then I read  this article about changing your last name after marriage. Or not. I saw it on a friend's wall (as you do) and posted it on … Continue reading The Great Hyphenation

Dear Sarge, I’m Sorry I Lied.

Dearest You, A year ago today, I put on a dress, prayed to the angels and  asked you to marry me. Thank you for telling me to get up off the floor and giving me an empty box. It's the best empty box I ever got. And this coming from a girl who collects empty boxes. … Continue reading Dear Sarge, I’m Sorry I Lied.