It’s The Little Things

Some of you may remember I have a thing for beautiful and nostalgic short films.

This is my new favourite:

Imagine emails and 2,853 text messages flying around and you’ve got the first 5 months of Sarge and me. Complete with trains and shyness.

And now I want paper airplanes at the wedding!

What made you happy today?


15 thoughts on “It’s The Little Things

        1. I would watch this as feature-length, too. People are saying that Disney needs to do more like this, let’s hope so.

          Sorry for the confusion, it’s just that as I was testing it to post, it did crash in the middle (the video, not the planes. But that too, I s’pose!)

  1. Hi! I saw your gravatar on the most recent Daily Post prompt. What made me happy today? MMM…I would say it was knowing that I now have a domain name. Next on my wishlist is knowing to embed forms and things on my site. Yay for new eProjects, right?

  2. You make me happy today, my sweet Child; who you are ~ the wonderful, warm, funny, creative, caring, loving woman you have become. This film brought deep, light happy tears to my heart. Tears of joy filled with the love you share with Sarge. The 15th of June will be the happiest and proudest day of my life.

  3. What made me happy today? Listening to a bunch of kids enthusing about going to see the John Green ‘gig’ in Glasgow tomorrow – he writes books and you would think they were going to see a rock star.

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